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Stash planning beyond the newborn phase

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Hi Mamas,


I'm currently pregnant with my first and will definitely be cloth diapering. I'm a knitter, and have been stockpiling soakers, longies, and shorties over the past couple of months. My plan is to use the wool covers in combination with GMD's fitteds.


I was just wondering - I understand newborns can go through 12+ diapers in one day, but how many fitteds/covers would I need in subsequent sizes (small, med, large)? Big-ish babies tend to run in the family (My brothers and I were all well over 9lbs.) so I don't really expect them to stay in newborn sizes for long. 


Any tips/advice greatly appreciated!

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I think it depends a lot on the child.
Pees all at once or small bits. My kids easily poos 2-3x a day.

I've always had 24 diapers(12 prefolds,12 fitted), 4-6 covers(PUL that could be reused), at a time.

At times wish I would have had more, but managed to wash diapers every 3 days. Covers were tossed in with the daily household wash.
Never thought I could get by with less.
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Thanks, Chel!


I'll plan on 24 as a minimum for each size. Hopefully I'll be able to pick some up on diaperswappers or the like.

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There are days when my 14 month old goes through 10 to 14 diapers in a day. Mind you, she's a water monster, nursaholic and so heavy wetter. We also practice part time EC so she gets changed as soon as she pees if we didn't make it to the potty. Another thing to keep in mind is that some babies get VERY active as they get older so I wouldn't get too much in larger sizes until you get there and see what works. I have three bummis prefolds that I never use and they are way too bulky to use as doublets. It's awesome that you knit. I wish I did. I just ordered a pull on wool cover for my fitteds and LOVE it. I'll have to find a way to score a couple more so I can rotate them. Right now it's fitted w wool, then pocket. Good luck and congrats on baby
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I really like having 36.  I don't always get around to washing like I should- and so I like to have a lot.  In fact for our new baby I have 48 :)  I would not go less than 30 though.  Mamas with like 18 diapers amaze me!  I really like the diaperkit.com pattern and that is what I have basically switched my entire stash to.  They are super easy to make- and fairly cheap too especially if you use flannel or jersey sheets and whatnot for the inner layers.


As far as covers- I have 7 small bummis that will be going on their 5th tush and that has worked well for me- in fact it is really about 2-3 too many since I really prefer wool.  Depending on humidity- I like about 4 woolies minimum.  I don't do clothes over the wool though.   I knit my wool stash all in super cute picky pants in pretty yarns- so they are really lovely on the outside :)  I do like having some random AIOs for the diaper bag though- much easier for church or grandma (in theory- cause neither grandma seems to understand what cloth is... weird since that is all they used... but I toss them one and they are like wth? this isn't pampers- but I digress).  So that is my vote- 4+ woolies and a few PUL in case you need them.

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You don't need to stock pile a life time of diapers. You often find it possible to skip sizes or find things that work better or not at all.
Not sure which gmd fitted you are using, but I was able to use the brown workhorse fitted from 10m 24m when dd was out of diapers. Only needed yellow and brown prefolds.
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Thanks everyone! This is all great to know.


I think what I'll do is get a bunch of the small (GMD yellow) and a few of each of the reds and browns and see what works best when we get to that point, then stock up some more. I definitely don't do laundry as frequently as I'd like (whistling.gif) and I only imagine it will get worse once the babe is here lol, so will plan on at least 30-36 initially and then work up from there with different sizes.

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Not sure if you are talking prefolds or fitted, but wanted to add that with the workhorse fitters, I much preferred using a snappi even though my fitted had snaps. Never any poop leaks so will be great with wool
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