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Enlarged adenoids and diet

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I've read many posts from the last few years in the archives dealing with adenoids/tonsils (my 6 yr old daughter has both).  Many folks here have elected to have them removed and have felt good about the results.  A few folks have written that folks should try to cut out dairy or gluten or other things to see if there is a sensitivity that could be affecting the adenoid/tonsil size.  I'm wondering if anyone has actually tried eliminating these things and seen results that kept them from having surgery?


Surgery has been suggested by one doctor and not by another.  They have seen no evidence from the medical community that diet affects the size of adenoids/tonsils.  They both will begin to slowly shrink with time.


Any thoughts folks have would be helpful on whether they have had success with diet changes and the size of adenoids/tonsils.


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My ds2 always had swollen tonsils and adenoids, and he tended to snore a lot.  He ended up testing sensitive to dairy, eggs, and glutens.  Once he was off those, things were much better.  I can tell by how much he snores if we've been cheating on the diet too much! 

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