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Is It True? Need help Xposted

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I found out a week and a half ago that I am expecting twins. I had a home birth with my first and am seeing a MW and wanting a home birth with twins as well. They are di/di twins and while I do have a while to go I feel very good about my decision to continue with a home birth. Here is my problem. My MW told me that home birth twins are illegal in WA state for her to deliver, she is a CPM and LM. I have been scouring the internet and have found nothing to support this claim. I also haven't been able to get more than a minute or so with her on the phone to discuss it. I am wondering if she just isn't comfortable doing so and doesn't want to tell me. She has been delivering babies for the last 25 years and has had breech before. The next closest midwife is 2 hours away. The closest hospital to me is 30 minutes and in 2010 had a 38% c-sect rate and have a no VBAC policy so I can only imagine what policies they will have for twins. Is home birth with twins legal in WA? Please throw some ideas my way. This is the biggest stress for me with having twins.

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First, CONGRATS.  I'm sure this is both an exciting and terrifying time for you.


This thread has a sugggestion for a homebirth midwife for twins in Puyallup:




I can't imagine a CNM risking their certification/freedom openly doing something illegal.


I've contacted two of my doula friends to try to get some info for you as well.  What are are you in?  How far are you willing to travel for appointments?  Are you a first time mom?  If not, what is your birth history?


Good luck!

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This thread doesn't have suggestions, but is discussing twin homebirth in Eastern Washington (implying it was legal, at the time at least):




This thread has an actual name of a midwife (Suzanne Thompson) who has delivered twins in WA:



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I have been informed it is definately legal in WA to attend homebirths of twins.


These are Seattle area contacts:


Brandy Ross, ND, LM:



Suzanne Thompson


Marie Wakefield


Lastly, one of my friends knows a doula who, if you contact her, will share resources with you directly:




Good luck!

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While it's not illegal, some MWs malpractice insurance will not cover them (and refuse future coverage) if they take on "risky" births (twins, breech, etc).  I would guess that is where your MW is coming from.

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