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Cloth diapering in the future

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we have the other thread about how cloth diapering is going for yr newborns, but i started thinking about how it will go once baby outgrows the small size stuff, whenever that happens. what are you planning on / have you done in the past? what are your favorite kinds of diapers? how is the laundry going?


i just ordered a dozen each of the red (medium) and brown (large) prefolds from GMD so i can prep them. someone told me they skipped medium entirely and went to large after small, but i figured i will try them, at least, and then maybe get more if i need them.


i also got 2 medium workhorse fitteds, 1 kissaluvs fitted, 1 kiwi pie fitted, 2 thirsties duo covers size 2, 1 rumparooz cover & 2 blueberry covers. i already have 2 flips, 1 best bottoms cover, 1 grovia, 1 fuzzibunz, 1 bumgenius, 1 blueberry pocket, 1 happy heiny and some wool. 


i think i like the cover + prefold (well, haven't used the pockets at all; maybe they will be good for going out?)... i was thinking about trying flats, too...


i have some sherpa prefolds (small & large) from GMD but i think they need more prewashing, they aren't absorbent enough yet and keep leaking. 


we use flannel wipes i made (cut out 8" squares and zigzagged the edges) with plain warm water (kept in a coffee airpot, i squirt water into a bowl & sometimes add dr bronners baby mild for a sponge bath).


laundry seems fine, so far--i rinse the prefolds & wipes (GMD yellow) in cold water with vinegar & biokleen first, then a regular, hot wash with charlie's / baking soda / borax / vinegar and dry with wool dryer balls i made. the covers & pail liners & wet bags i wash with other baby laundry in charlie's / baking soda / biokleen and then line dry. i read the vinegar can ruin the PUL.

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Omg coffee airpot!! I've been running the water from the tap and waiting for it to warm up for every change and I have a squirt bottle of room temp water for when I am feeling lazy ~ I can't believe I didn't think to use my coffee thermos! Fabulous idea.

I am currently using prefolds but when baby is older and goes to daycare he has to have AIOs or pocket diapers. I haven't given much thought to which ones I will use, but I like the one Fuzzibunz I have. It is soo soft!
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I am loving flats and will keep using them. Right now I am not using covers since the Smalls are too big & i like to change him right away.   As well as prefolds... and then in the fall do wool longies and fitteds/prefold/flats.

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I have a lot of onesize good.mama fitteds (with Econobums covers) and onesize pockets (Sunbaby and Fuzzybunz) that I'll use.  She can already fit into the pockets, so we're using them now.  I'll end up getting more, but I think I'll stick with those two types.  The pockets are so easy, and good.mamas are just plain cute (as well as soft and absorbent).  :)

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We used (use? He only uses diapers at nap/night now) OS pockets with DS1, so DS2 will be inheriting all of those. We have mainly Rocky Mountain and BGs, both 3.0 and 4.0s. I love the ease and versatility of pockets. We stopped using prefolds (except for extra stuffing purposes) after yellow edged GMDs since DS1 was so squirmy, and I suspect we'll have a similar issue this time!

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I forgot I have a ton of pockets in S and M, but I don't like them so much... but will use them for sure :)

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We use Mother Ease One Size. I got two dozen when DS was born and we are still using them for him (he is 3 but not completely potty trained or out of diapers yet). I LOVE THEM! They are adjustable and we started using them when DS was 2 months, then all the way up until now. We throw in a thirsties or bummies cover. Super easy to use, absorbent, etc.

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Perseph - we went from Infant PFs to Red edge to potty learning.  We never needed the Brown, even though my little guy is a tank.  If he were chubbier we would have, but his waist is about 3T size right now and the red edge still (just) fit. 


I did the same thing with DS - bought 1 (or a few if they were used) of each to try them all out, and then resold what I didn't care for.  For the first year we used exclusively fitteds or pfs and wool.  Then around a year I tried out a bunch of pockets and I wound up with a mostly Rumparooz stash (we had massive rash issues and were thinking the diapers were contributing).  


For anything, so much of it depends on what you want/need from a dipe performance wise, and also the babe.  My DS had these tiny little legs that most dipes just gapped around, so many dipes didn't work for him that work just fine for a babe with chunky thighs.  But once we switched to pockets I never really looked back. 


When they're little I love fitteds and wool, particularly during the winter.  We did a lot of longies instead of pants, so I didn't have to worry about him getting cold.  But once he was mobile and wanting to do things like play in the sand box, I just couldn't keep up with the hand-washing of the wool. 


As for wash routine, I've tried several detergents, and wound up at this point with Charlie's.  So much of it is dependent upon your water/machine combo though.  I have a good friend who lives locally, same water source as us and she swears by Nellie's.  It worked, but not fabulously for us, so I switched to the Charlie's.  As for vinegar, I use it in every load, both dipes and clothes.  It's never been a problem, and DS is almost 3. 

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CDing in the future. Yeah. That's it. DD1 and DD2 were both cloth diapered but I can't seem to find the infant ones for DS. I have a few of the dipes but the smaller covers are nowhere to be found. DD2 is still in diapers (motherease). We have a bunch so I may just wait until baby is big enough to use those. Someone gave us a huge package of disposables which isn't helping my motivation.

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