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Positive Reactions

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Just to keep us all smiling, have you gotten any great reactions to sharing your news?


I told a friend that I work with and her first reaction was that Owen, my son, was going to be such a great big brother.  Maybe it was the hormones but I thought that was the sweetest thing for her to say, it completely made my day.

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My sister cried.  Like boo-hoo-hoo cried.  She's been my rock during our difficulties TTC and she knew we had decided to take a break, so it was an overwhelming surprise to her.


It was so sweet.

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My dh was happy-he smiled so big and said  'we're gonna do it all over again, huh?' and he said it like he was excited and that was wonderful!

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We haven't told many people yet (just a handful), but my favorite reaction was from 7.5 year old DS1.  When I asked him what he thought about a 5th baby he grinned real big and said "I think it'll be FUN!  Ian (my almost-2 year old) will love having a playmate and someone to play with when we're all going to bed (the boys share a room) and when the baby's older I can play Legos with him!"  love.gif  My kids love having lots of siblings and it just does my heart good to see them excited about a new one.

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We've been overwhelmingly blessed by positive reactions, which has been amazing because we were a bit nervous since we're moving internationally in the early fall! My favorite, though, was a friend of ours in the UK who had just asked, "Anything new?" and then took a big swig of coffee. We started laughing and told him we were pregnant, and he spit out his coffee right into the clean dishwater in his sink. He then proceeded to jump up and down like crazy (silently, because his kids were in bed). It was priceless, and I'm really wishing I could have recorded it.

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Everyone has been guessing that I'm prego because I'm showing so early! Our parents are thrilled as is DS1. He's already talking to my belly and talking to his "baby sister." He also says he's going to grow a baby in his belly too. Too cute!

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