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Babywearing by day ... but what about night?

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I enjoy wearing my newborn in a sling or Boba 3g carrier during the day.  I am still getting the hang of nursing in the carriers, but my tiny little girl enjoys all the time close to Mom.  She is still in the 6 pound range approaching 7 so she just fits comfortably to wear now.


So she is content all day, but what about night?  Our bed isn't big enough to co-sleep so we have a snuggle nest nessled between us, but after all the time up against me baby doesn't like to be put down to sleep, even next to me.  I often sleep with an arm in the snuggle nest, or my head close so she can feel my breath.  Mom needs some sleep -- advise?  She is 2 1/2 weeks now, and wakes up every 2-3 hours to nurse during the day, but every 30 minutes to an hour or so at night with few 2-3 hour stretches in there.  I don't expect her to sleep through the night, but 2-3 hour stretches would be nice.

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I'm thInking the easiest thing to do would be ditch the snuggle nest. It's bigger than the baby so if you can fit it in the bed you will have more room without it.

Unfortunately it is pretty common for babies to feed more at night as that is when prolactin levels are highest so it's great for supply but not for sleep. When I was desperate I could sometimes get my LO to settle on my chest but I don't like sleeping on my back do I had to be pretty tired for that to work. Are you able to sleep with her durIng the day? That might help to top up your sleep banks a bit.
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