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Any WAHMs in Albuquerque?

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Hi ladies,

I'm a longtime-member of Mothering, but I don't usually hang out in this Tribe.  I'm a WAHM who runs a business that is expanding to Albuquerque. I'm posting because I posted a part-time, WAHM-friendly position on craigslist, and they keep pulling it because it allows the person to work at home, and that always makes craigslist suspicious. It is frustrating because it's such a great job for a SAHM (a few hours per week, WAH, not multi-level marketing), and I'm not sure how else to reach out to moms in that area.


I wanted to post the position here in case it's the perfect job for someone here.

I've also posted the job at elance.com and the description is here.


Thanks for sharing this if you think anyone in the area is a good fit for the job. It's a really cool job, and I've been frustrated that craigslist keeps treating it like a scam because it's just the kind of job I would want but would never hear about.




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You could also post this in the WAHM subforum job opportunities.  :)

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