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Cervical cerlage

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I had a preventative stitch placed yesterday after 2 cone biopsy's in 2010, unfortunately I miscarried twice last year (unrelated loss before week 8), it's hard but all I can say is keep going and don't let it consume you. We tried for five years and at year two found out I had endrimetrisis, and precancerous changes hence the biopsy's.
My cervix measured 23mm 2 weeks ago but significantly less yesterday so I'm pleased the stitch is in, I'll be 17weeks tomorrow. With a bit of luck we're get to 36 weeks when the stitch will be removed. I'm going to be taking it very easy for the next fortnight.
The worst bit of the procedure was the wait, I felt uncomfortable yesterday but had no pain today. Light bleeding this morning (nurses said this was normal due to pooled residue from surgery, plus I was up today to go to the toilet) had a lighter watery discharge this afternoon a litlle more after taking a pessary.
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I too had a preventative cervical cerclage last Thursday, 5/24, on day one of my 14th week. Tomorrow will be a week and I've been pretty uncomfortable with cramping and contraction-like pain, especially when my bladder fills and I empty it. I must say that today, I am beginning to feel better--less pain and pressure if I stand or sit up for more than 30 minutes.


Last June, I lost a daughter at 17 weeks due to a shortened cervix. As an African-American female who is overweight and 41 years old, I feel blessed to be given another chance but so worried and frightened about my odds.


Congratulations to you on your pregnancy and your preventative stitch.

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How are you getting on? I feel more positive this week and am certainly a lot more comfortable. My check-up is booked for Tuesday.

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Hi ladies! New to this community but had to post because I too had a preventative cerclage on May 29, 4 days before week 14. I think we may all be due around the same time :). So far so good here. Just a little frustrated with all the limitations. You can barely survive a Houston summer with kids without swimming. And you can barely survive parenting 5 year old twin boys while lounging on the couch all day. Hope you're both doing well. I won't see my perinatologist until July 2. When I saw her last week my cervix was at 2.94 (shortest reading while she applied pressure). Good luck, ladies!

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HI All,


Just thought I would give some words of encouragement. Prophylactic cervical cerclage usually works wonderfully. It is very rare to have a cerclage placed at 14 weeks not get you a term or near term baby. I know the waiting is tough but be encouraged, these work really well.


Pelvic rest (nothing in the vagina) is certainly necessary after a cerclage but for a prophylactic cerclage strict bed rest is a bit overkill in my opinion. My3men, I had a patient do her bed rest on a floaty in the pool, she had the best tan of any pregnant lady you ever saw!


Here is a video with more information on cerclage and cervical incompetence, hope it helps!



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