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The OB originally said I would have to labour in an OR.  When we got to the hospital they stuck me in observation as my water had broke but contractions were not strong.  When they got around to checking me I was 9 cm so they quickly wheeled me into  L&D room where the twins were born.  They did insist on an epidural (which I got about 20 min before the twins were born) but I thought that was reasonable just in case the OB had to do any emergency work.  Overall it was very relaxed and a great experience.  The OB said she hadn't delivered twins vaginally before and I think because things were moving so quickly she just went with the flow.  I was very happy about her openness and calmness with the whole process.  My midwife team was there too and helped a lot with the labour and the OB was kind of in the background until baby A was born.