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Lulu - nice advice on the acupuncturist and herbs.


Also, I just read this post in a blog that I like.  It's a father talking about what his wife (and they together) are going through along with her miscarriage.  I think it's really well written and beautiful and touching.  xox


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Oh sweetie, huge hugs. Pregnancy loss can be devastating - I was 10 weeks with a baby before I had DS1, I know how hard it can be. Much love to you & your family.



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So very sorry to hear! Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Be gentle to yourself. My heart goes out to you, mama.

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I'm so sorry for you.  I wish you lots of love and support.


I experienced a similar thing last year and never thought I could get over the pain.  But time does help, as much as you don't believe it now.  Griefing and recovery (emotionally and physically/hormonally) might be tough, don't be afraid to reach out.  

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Wishing you peace and comfort during this sad time. I'm very sorry for your loss.

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Wishing you peace and comfort during this sad time. I'm sorry for your loss.

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I'm so sorry mama. You are in my thoughts. You are not a downer and your feelings are totally real and legitimate. Xxxxx
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If you have access to an accupuncturist - I highly recommend getting some accupuncture. It can help get your body moving in that direction and also help emotionally. I also took cotton root bark tincture, but I'm not sure I'd do that without working with a midwife or someone else who is experienced with herbs.


yes, this exactly. I have had a friend recently use acupuncture to start her natural MC. She had MC one babe and then wen in for an U/S and there was another after 3 weeks with no MC she was beside herself. Acupuncture and herbs offered her a very gentle way to nudge her body on the healing path and to let go. 

Be kind to yourself. I also recommend the book Spirit Babies--it was a book that helped me through baby loss.

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So sorry to hear that mama, you're in my thoughts and please know we are all here for you. Wishing you and your family healing and peace. 

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Sorry for your loss, I was popping in to see how everyone was doing.

Too many losses in our group.

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Hey i got pregnate in February at the doctor for an exam i was prego. Then found out beginning of march like the 2nd and miscarried in two and a half weeks so i was about 4-6 weeks give or take. It really sucked! how it started i had started to have intercourse and it hurt really bad and started bleeding wich was because i had opened to miscarry already so i did bleed for 3 days and it wasnt too bad. Then after 30-40 days i didnt have a period so my doc had me take a pregnatcy test so i did and i was pregnate again and like before i miscarried again.... This time i got REALLY worried and was wondering what was wrong with me since i have 2 beautiful daughters that are now 8 and 5 and i had one miscarrage between them at 4 weeks and i bled ALOT!!!  So back to what i was saying,  so i had my husband get a test to check his sperm count. He went and got it at Walgreens down the road and in a few days did the test, and what it tests for is if he produces 20,000 sperms per milliter of semen.  And he was positive which means he does have at least 20,000 per milliter. Then i called my doctor to set up an appt. for two things to look into birth control for a few months so i can let my body get back on track and to see why im still not having a period so once again she said to get a pregnatcy home test and see if im pregnate... So we did and again im pregnate and it didnt show up for a little bit i actually looked at it only for a min or two and left it and assumed im not pregnate. Then the next day i went to throw it away and saw that it was positive so after 5 days i did the other test and it showed up right away. Then today i had to do another one so i did and it showed up instant positive and was dark and thick like the last so i fell alot better since all the others that i miscarried were thin faint lines. And my doctors appt is on the 20th so in 6 days so i will let you know what happens. But i really know what it feels like especially when people ask questions and treat you like its your fault. I hope all gets better for you and good luck!! Are you trying to get pregnate??


Thank you,   Amanda

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