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three across in Hyundai Elantra

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We have a 2003 Hyundai Elantra.

We have one child in a Safety First Air Protect seat.

We are having twins, and want to know if it is a possibility of 3 across in the back seat. We want to start with bucket seats and then move to other seats.

Any ideas whether it is even possible? And what seats we should look at? We've got lots of time. I just want to know whether I have to buy another vehicle sooner rather than later.

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This might help:


I get four hits when I search the thread for "Elantra." Nothing specific to two buckets and a Safety 1st seat, but you might be able to get some ideas. (Which one do you have Complete Air or Onside Air or one of the other Air Protect seats? Is it RF or FF?). 


I'm sure with the right seats you can make it work. Even if you have to buy the most expensive seats you can find it's still cheaper than a new car.


I would go down to Babies R Us and try a Keyfit in your car. It usually fits in pretty tight spaces, and it fits small babies well which is good when you're expecting twins. Put your Safety 1st seat in the center of the Elantra and try to get it as centered as possible for a good test. See if you can fit the Keyfit on the side (you might try it on each side to be sure). If it doesn't fit, you  might have to replace the Safety 1st seat with something like a Diono Radian. 


Another infant seat to consider which is just a touch wider than the Keyfit but still a relatively compact seat is the Safety 1st Onboard Air. You might even be able to find it in a pattern to match your current Air Protect seat. :D

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Thank you.

We have the Complete Air.

We will be comfortable putting it RF or FF at that point as our DD will be a tall 3.5 yrs old at the time.


We want to start with infant seats, so we can bring them into the house to get the kiddos ready as it will be winter here in Toronto when they are infants and we feel it will be warmer and less hassle with twin infants and a toddler.

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Yeah, I'd rather have twins in infant seats also. The Keyfit and the Onboard Air are probably the best ones to try out first. There are slightly narrower seats available, at least in the US, but they may not fit low birthweight or premature babies well, and with twins you need to be prepared for that possibility. So if one of these options works for you, that's what I'd go for. In the US, at least, Babies R Us carries both these seats in stock.

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