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Braxton Hicks?

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Hi All-  I don't post much on here, but was wondering if any one else is getting a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions?  This is baby #2 for me, so I know that plays a role in that they come earlier and stronger.  I've been having roughly 7+ in a day, sometimes close together, and sometimes not. 

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I get them several times a day.  Some days more, some days less.  I've never actually counted.  I noticed them early and often with my first too, and he wasn't born until his due date, so I'm not stressing about it.  Mine have always been painless, I just notice a weird sensation in my uterus and that my belly is all hard and funny shaped.  I seem to always get them when I lie down on the floor, or in bed for the night. 

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Bah! I started getting these last week. Not THAT often, and they go away super quickly, but I find them pretty uncomfortable...just a very VERY tight belly. I also had them pretty often with ds and he was born the day before his due date, so I'm trying not to think about them too much either ;-)

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I think mine started a little later with DS, but they were very frequent (even ended up at L&D one time b/c they were so frequent at times all day long) They never caused a change in my cervix, and DS was full term - c-sec close to his due date (with no signs of labour, for medical reasons) I was told it was an irritable uterus.


Sometimes dehydration causes them. Drinking several glasses of water and lying down may help to calm them. 

Also silent UTI's can sometimes cause an irritable uterus, so if you think something doesn't feel right, just double check with your care provider. 


My midwife told me b/c my uterus was irritable the first time, it likely will be this time, so I''m expecting it again.

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Thanks for your replies!  It's a relief to know that it CAN be normal for some women.  Maybe not even a bad thing as it will inevitably make those muscles strong for birth.  It is rather annoying though when you are mid-conversation... hah. 

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I am having a lot already and they bother me. I am going to try to ask my MW about them at our meeting next week though I am pretty sure it's normal. Maybe likely irritable uterus for no real reason. I had them last time fairly early and often but it seems to me that they didn't seem this uncomfortable. I am on my feet more now chasing a toddler (actually up to 6 of them, I have a home daycare now) though!

I don't think that the braxton hicks helped strengthen my uterus last time I actually had really lame contractions that just petered out and had to leave my planned home birth for augmentation (which also didn't help at all!) then ALMOST had to get a c-section but thankfully managed to squeeze my daughter out about 5 minutes before a transfer to a bigger hosp for it! Anyways I am hoping that they don't get more uncomfortable than they are it seems that they are just that much worse this time! Ugh! At least they aren't painful, but they do worry me sometimes... even knowing last time they did diddly for moving things along! (I was even a few days "late")

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How do I know if I am having them?? I feel a pressing something and I don't know if it is baby or braxton hicks. But then I started thinking that if it is braxton hicks, it might be happening too often? So I've been stressed about that. Sometimes my tummy feels really hard - but I don't feel any pain or anything. I never felt them last time. I would go for midwife visits and they would say "did you know you're having a contraction right now" and I'd say nope. 



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For me, it's like being in the middle of a sit-up. My stomach is noticeably tight to the touch and even looks different to the hubby if I ask him to look while I'm having one. It's more like a totally tight round ball than a 'spread'. Mine go away pretty quickly though and I don't even get them every day. 


I remember with K that I'd get them really bad later in the pregnancy and they'd actually be a bit painful...more like actual contraction feeling. We were out walking at 3am a few nights trying to get them to stop...which worked for us! lol

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I don't have any pain with mine either, Cindy.  When I first started getting them in my first pregnancy, it took a while to figure out what it was.  There is a sensation that goes with them, but it was really subtle for me.  Mostly I noticed because I would get them right after I laid down, and if I looked at my belly I would have a hard ball at the bottom of my belly, and then a big drop off and flat tummy above it.  Really weird looking.  Sometimes it would even be really lopsided, like one side would be higher than the other.  Once I figured out what it was when I was laying down, it got easier for me to recognize when I was up and about, by the hardness of my uterus and the subtle tightening sensation.  It doesn't look as obvious when I'm not laying down though. 

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I was having a lot of Braxton hicks from about 16-18 weeks. They were not painful but neither were they comfortable. My MW said its completely normal! I notice myself having less these days. I find when baby is head down I don't get many, but when she is laying transverse I get a lot! Especially when laying in bed! Waking up to them is no fun, IMO!
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Well I think it is baby I'm feeling. I felt that feeling while in bed waiting for DD to fall asleep earlier. I felt some pressure  but I was feeling around and my belly was really hard in one spot but the top and sides of my uterus were not hard. The whole thing would be hard in BH, right? So I poked the hard spot and it went away. LOL. She must have moved and started kicking me some more. So I'm thinking she must have had her back pressed up against me? So maybe I'm not feeling any BH yet.



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