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Name (screen name or real): Renee


EDD:  Feb 13


Number of kids/partner: My DH is Tony. I have a 23yo boy, 18yo girl, 15yo boy, 9yo girl and 1yo boy


General location, if you want to share: Eastern Pennsylvania


Hospital or home? Homebirth if we can get him to turn


Team blue or pink? It is a boy. 


Earliest symptoms? crampiness


Surprise or TTC TTC


I am a 41 (an old mama). I was on here last pregnancy back in 2011. We had a very terrible induced birth with my 1yo due to high blood pressure and low amniotic fluid. This pregnancy has been so nice. Great BP and all things are good. Except, he is breech. We are working on getting him to turn head down so we can have our homebirth. I will be reading through all of the introductions tonight, hopefully. LOL! 

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Hello, New here, Decided waiting is too hard not to get some encouragement. I am in my 38th week.

Due February 4th, 2013. Have these waves almost every evening of emotion and fatigue with braxton hicks and

a general blahhh....feeling...anyone experience these? This is my 4th baby. 1st baby that is not breech and full term!!

I am having a vbac. A precious little boy! "Elliott" I am married to a most wonderful husband of many years, have a 12

year old son, a son in heaven who would have been almost 3, a 1 year old daughter and now am due in just a few days.


This has been a very different 3rd trimester. Did moxibustion for 4 days and my baby turned! First time I have a natural head down baby!!

And my pelvis HURTS!


Getting anxious / discouraged as I want to go into labor NOW!!!

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Welcome  titus2mama!

sorry you are feeling so uncomfortable.  Means baby will be coming soon (hopefully).


Good luck!

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Welcome to the DDC! Congrats on the head down babe and good luck with your VBAC! I'm getting ready to have my 2nd VBAC at home :).

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Welcome to the DDC and good luck with your VBAC!  Hopefully things will pick up for you soon!  You're in good company here.  I keep checking in to see what is going on with everyone else and comparing it to my own "signs and symptoms". smile.gif

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not new, just missed the introduction thread somehow.  better late than never!


Name (screen name or real):  Katie

EDD: Feb 25th

Number of kids/partner: DH is Steve, this is our first kiddo

General location, if you want to share:  Boulder, CO

Hospital or home?  hospital family birth center w MW

Team blue or pink?  don't know

Earliest symptoms?   sore swollen boobs

Surprise or TTC?  TTC


We are so excited to be having a baby!  After a few scares in the first trimester (episodes of bleeding and cramping) this pregnancy has been great.  I am calm and happy and DH says very agreeable :)

Mothering › Groups › February 2013 Due Date Club › Discussions › Introductions!