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Is anyone on myfitnesspal?  There is a app for your phone too!  I love it for tracking food, and working out.  Let me know if someone wants to be friends on there and we can hold each other accountable.   Monday I did 1 hr weight lifting and 30 min kickboxing.  Tuesday I zumba (i am awful at it, but absolutely love it!)  Tomorrow's plan is to lift weights in the am, and then maybe take my lil guy for a walk/jog if its not too darn hot here in the afternoon.  It is still so early in pregnancy and for some reason i am so nervous. I feel like i shouldn't run or jump. For no apparent reason that medically makes sense, I think I am just being paranoid.  


whats everyone's favorite thing to do to workout?   


I love lifting and doing this class called combat, its like kickboxing, martial arts, and boxing all in one. 

I'm on myfitnesspal. I'm not sure how to add people though. My username is mama_ani

I feel like a slug because I haven't been to the gym in two days. 
I love doing weights and swimming the most. I've been thinking of trying some of the classes offered at the gym just to change things up.

I was starting a program of jogging but I find the stupid crazy amount of relaxin my body seems to make really affecting it.

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Is anyone on Endomondo? I made a February 2013 team if anyone wants to join :)


Yesterday was a good start. I got out for a 7km walk after work. Today is supposed to be 32C, but I'm hoping to get a small walk in at least! 

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I am on myfitnesspal under GnomeyNewt. I am not sure what help I could be though, I have been on low calories for several months and I am finding it hard to eat normal amount of calories, I'm just not that hungry yet.

As for exercise, I do circuit training for 30 minutes 4 days a week, some form of cardio for at least 30 minutes 2 times a week, I intend to keep it up until 2nd trimester and than reevaluate and maybe invest in some pregnancy workout videos. Summer is here, so will probably be going on random hikes and walks. I didn't do more than walking/hiking my last 2 pregnancies, so I'm looking forward to see if I can eliminate some of the symptoms I had, which was mostly aches and cramps in every joint/part of my body. If exercise can help that, I will be a little embarrassed that I didn't do something about it last time!

I don't know why, but jumping is kinda weirding me out too so I stopped doing any jumps/high intense stuff, even though I've been doing it for the 4 weeks I've been preggo and than some. Supposedly we can keep up the same level of whatever we were doing previous, but I concluded that if the exercise makes me urinate uncontrollably (a lovely side affect from my previous pregnancy) than its probably too intense and I would relax a bit on those moves.
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I haven't been to the gym in three days. No exercise at home either :( Mentally and physically I'm not doing well. Somethings gotta give!

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I hear you.  DD1's bday party was Sat.... I did good all last week up till Friday.... That was the last day I did ANYTHING until today.  I ran/walked 2 miles on the treadmill.  Better than nothing.

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Still haven't exercised. :(  Was going to work out Friday and woke up with the flu. My kids are just so generous they thought that they should share the flu with me. UGH. I feel so gross.  I'm supposed to meet with my trainer for a session Monday but I'll have to cancel. Even if I'm feeling better from the flu I haven't been to the gym in so long there is no way I can do a training session properly.  I really hope this passes soon!

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I have totally been sitting on my ass.
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I only worked out that one day.... we are going to walk to starbucks , which is a couple of miles.....at least something.
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Before pregnancy I would run 1 or 2 times each week and do yoga at just about the same rate, but I have honestly been too scared to exercise during this pregnancy because I'm terrified of overdoing it and causing a second miscarriage. I know that it's unlikely, but it's difficult to argue with a fear that isn't rational.


I'm starting to feel more comfortable with the idea now at 7w4d, so I bought a prenatal yoga DVD to have some added piece of mind. I'm sure it'll be way too tame make much of a difference for me since I have been doing yoga for many years and was doing hot yoga or things like yoga burn for the past year or so, but at least it's better than what I've been doing.


I should mention that DH and I don't have (or want to have) a car, so I shouldn't say I'm getting no exercise at all. I get 40 minutes of power walking daily from Monday to Thursday on my commute to work, at the very least.

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Finally dragged my butt to workout but they are doing renos so I just did a bit of cardio and bought some weights won the way home and did an upper body .
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I went to the gym today, as I'm feeling a lot better today than most of the time recently.  It's weird and great!  I spent 25 minutes on the treadmill, and did arm weights and stretching.  It felt good.  I even had the energy to take my toddler to the park right afterwards, which is a win! 

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I'm in! I've been constantly getting mild cramps - just feels like everything is stretching, nothing major - in the lower abdomen for weeks which is making my motivation to work out less than usual. I talked to my Dr this week about continuing to work out and do my Pilates classes and she said go for it. My plan is to do two reformer classes week (which is my usual regimen) and get onto the treadmill on days in between and do a good long powerwalk with perhaps a bit of a run. We'll see, I wasn't running in the couple of months before we conceived so I feel like I shouldn't ramp things up too much. Thoughts on that?

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Anyone else just feel too tired to do anything?  I've been working out on the elliptical for like 20 minutes a day, but that's all I can handle.  I used to either elliptical or walk for 45-60 minutes a day.  And it's 105 degrees here, so I can't really get out and walk.  I'm just feeling sluggish overall and I'm terrified of gaining too much weight.

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I would say just listen to your body.  If it feels like too much than it probably is. I swim every other day, that is about all I can handle. I used to run before I found out I was pregnant, but I am high risk because of my age and number of previous losses. I hope to swim regularly throughout my entire pregnancy...good for my body and I expect my growing peanut will like it!!!

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Finally, Finally Finally!  I got on the treadmill today and ran/ walked a little over 2 miles.  Hopefully it is the new trend.


I am feeling quite a bit better, the nausea is not debilitating and I am not as tired.  I am 9 weeks tomorrow.

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I forced myself to the gym today and did 55 minutes of weights and 30 minutes of cardio. My stamina is definitely lower, I'm not surprised though since I've barely done anything other than sleep and puke lately. I need to keep forcing myself though, I don't want to lose all the progress I've made.
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Nice job everyone!  I've been trying to get on my elliptical for at least 25 minutes per day (which, coincidentally is the length of an episode of "Arrested Development").  It's not what I was doing before, but it's better than nothing!

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Hurray mamas! Lets get back in gear! I swear my easy pregnancy and birth were partially due to staying active my entire pregnancy with dd2. I love the side effect of it keeping my body in shape too. I cant believe how those 4with weeks were really so hard. Didnt feel like that with either of the girls.

I went to the park and ran 2 miles witj the girls in the jogger this morning. It was slow, but i finished it!
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We've been hit with close to 100 heat already, so I've only been doing my dvd's with the fan blowing on me. I've just been walking anywhere between 1-4 miles.

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It's been 100-ish here too (record breaking for WI!) so the idea of doing much hasn't been appealing. Especially coupled with my nausea. I admire those of you who can work out while dealing with MS. I will hearby make a promise to myself that once I start feeling better I will get my butt to the gym!

Originally Posted by Chloe'sMama View Post

Hurray mamas! Lets get back in gear! I swear my easy pregnancy and birth were partially due to staying active my entire pregnancy with dd2. I love the side effect of it keeping my body in shape too. I cant believe how those 4with weeks were really so hard. Didnt feel like that with either of the girls.
I went to the park and ran 2 miles witj the girls in the jogger this morning. It was slow, but i finished it!


I definitely feel this way about my pregnancy with DS2. I was very active and had an energetic pregnancy and relatively easy birth. After that pregnancy I started working out again 3 months postpartum (mostly waiting for my tear to heal!) instead of 6 months with DS1. Being fit during labor is something that never occurred to me with DS1. I remember reading something a mama wrote (can't remember where-- maybe even on here!) that labor is like a marathon so it makes sense to "train" for it.

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