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Hey just have a second to update.. Still No AF but My DR is awesome and called me and had my prescription to the pharmacy in about ten minutes.. No pregnancy test needed.. stupid nurses %&^%&^%...


Carmen yes DP and I can both still nanny and take the kids to work and the state pays for child care so they will go to pre-school of some sort as well depending on ages. My job is changing in Sept and I will only be part time.. I am trying to figure out how to make it work that I only work part time... give me more time to have dr appts, be with the foster kids, ect... Sadly I dont think we can swing it.. Sigh .. so I will have to more than likely get a new job.. Makes me sad because I have been with the kids for 3 years.... 


Welcome Just Another Jenny.. Hoping your stay is short !


Pokey how are u feeling? any symptoms.. when do you test?


Carmen.. how are you feeling? when do you test?


hopeful.. FX this is your cycle


Granite.. I am lucky that my DP and I work very close by each other (like 10 mins away) and so when I have appts she watches the kids.. for IUI days we ask our friend to hang out with the kiddos for an hour.. once we had all 7 kids at the RE office while I had my IUI. I have taken the little ones (under 2 yrs old) with me to U/S appointments. and once I had the 7 yr olds and they waited in the waiting room with the nurses!



Ok waiting for AF and starting meds again!!!!!!!

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Hopeful -- Yeah for the TWW!  Good luck on your insem!  Fingers crossed for you.


Cananny -- I'm so glad the doc finally gave you the meds.  She's got your back!  I'm feeling fine.  No symptoms to speak of.  DW is going out of town for a week so I will probably test when she gets back even though I would really like to know sooner.  She wants to be there either way the test goes.

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MrsPP - So sorry to hear about the messy cycle and BFN. I am right there with you.


Desert, Krista, Hopeful -- thanks for commenting on my question. Fortunately no one made an ignorant comment to me to inspire those worries. I just don't like the idea of people viewing gay people as genetic/hormonal freaks, so I especially don't want my family thinking that infertility issues mean that's the "truth."


Welcome, TexasMommies and JustAnotherJenny. Jenny -- we probably don't live too far apart. I keep my town private on here, but I am in SE Mass. Cute pic of the pups. Why did you go gluten free?


Carmen - I would definitely, gladly, insem on a late O this cycle if I thought I were really Oing. I'm leaning toward believing I'll see AF in the next week or so, but my body could still surprise me. Signs are definitely inconclusive on this, my first Clomid cycle. I am really rooting for you for a BFP this month, your hunches of un-pregnancy be damned! blush.gif


rs11 - Congrats on the weight loss! That is so hard, especially when we all want our bellies to look like a basketball! You rock. Keep it up.


Hopeful - Good luck with the insem and TWW!


AFM - Status quo here on CD 28, waiting to see AF within the week unless I'm having a very late O from the Clomid. Signs point toward AF.

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Well, friends, AF arrived this morning on what would have been CD 29. This about a week earlier than most of my periods over the last year. It was my first cycle on Clomid. I think this pretty much tips the scales to "no" on the question of whether I O'd on CD 20, since I've never had a short luteal phase. So it looks like I didn't ovulate at all this month. Now I have to decide what to do next. Is it good that the Clomid may have made me O earlier? Could it "jolt" me back to shorter cycles in the future? Obviously, shorter cycles are no good if I don't ovulate. I think maybe I'll skip the Clomid next month, but I'm going to call the midwife's office and see what they suggest. I also know I need to get an RE soon since my clinic doesn't do monitored cycles, but I still haven't been able to use the vial I have sitting at the midwife's. I'd like to use that before I switch, both so I don't have to move the vial and because, well, I really want another chance at getting pregnant before the RE.

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Oh outdoorsy boo! I'm sorry for your AF and wacky cycle!


Also, thank you for the warm welcome!


I went gluten free after I was diagnosed with Celiac in August of 2010.  After a lifetime of digestive issues and itchy skin problems, and many negative serology tests for celiac antibodies, a DNA test became available.  Given that my father died of colon cancer,  something kept nagging at me to pursue the Celiac dx.  I went gluten free and most of my symptoms disappeared AND after about 3 months off of gluten, I started getting AF more frequently (even if still not regularly) and the nearly constant breakthrough bleeding that I subsided.  On top of that, elevated liver values returned to normal as well.

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Outdoorsy- Sorry AF showed up resulting in what looks like an anovulatory cycle. I wonder if it has anything to do with Clomid? Please let us know what you find out from your midwife. It sounds like you feel pretty strongly about trying one more time with the midwife before moving to a RE and back to the Clomid and I think that is great. I hope this next cycle works out well for you and that you don't have to go to the RE at all. You have had an anovulatory cycle before, right? Out of curiosity, what happened the cycle after that? Was it a shorter/longer cycle length? Did you ovulate earlier? I wonder if the same thing would happen this time. Thanks for the luck in this TWW for me. 


Pokey and Cananny- Thanks for crossing your figners for me!


Cananny- I am so glad it sounds like your doctor is on your side. Yay for finally getting those meds. Now hopefully AF shows up and you get pregnant!!!!


AFM- IUI went well last night. My cervix was nice and open. I had some lovely cramping afterward (which I take to be a good sign, but I am not sure if it really is.) If AF is going to show it will be right around the 4th of July. Let the TWW begin!!

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Outdoorsy -- That is such a bummer.  I'm so sorry.  That sounds annoying and frustrating and weird.  Clomid's job is to make you ovulate.  It's hard to say what happened.  Were you temping?  Did you see a temp rise?  I guess the good news is you had a cycle that was a "normal" length and now you can start a fresh new cycle.  I hope this new one is better!


jenny -- Wow! It sounds like going gluten-free made a huge difference in your health.  It's great to be able to find a key that makes you feel better.

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Hopeful--fingers crossed!  


Outdoorsy--what a bummer.  I hope that next month brings better things...like ovulation and bfps :)


AFM--DW had two great follicles (23 and 24) on the same side today and she is to trigger tonight for an IUI tomorrow am (14 hours or so post trigger) and another IUI on Friday, so 36ish hours post trigger.  So, we'll be in the TWW starting tomorrow.  

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Well, after talking with the midwife and the RE's receptionist, I decided to do an intake visit at the RE right away - July 5. They say I can transfer the vial by courier if/when I decide to do a cycle at the RE. Although I haven't tried an HSG yet, the midwife said that a tubal blockage probably isn't my issue, so she recommended the RE. The RE is a little closer to me and does not involve as much Boston traffic during the AM rush hour, thankfully. The midwife's office doesn't do any ultrasounds, and I need that. The head midwife admitted to me that she thinks of my cycles as a "soap opera" and a "mystery" because my hormone levels tested "perfect," yet my cycles are still weird. Glad to amuse her! Let me tell you, when I started this process, I did not want to be the woman to stump the midwife. dizzy.gif


Jenny - wow. So glad that helped your celiac disease. I was wondering if you had gone gluten free for other reasons, but I see you did it for the most important reason! Congrats on taking control of your health.


Hopeful - I, too, wonder if the Clomid had anything to do with the probably anovulatory cycle. I think I had an anovulatory cycle two cycles ago, but at least then I got the surge. This time, no surge. The anov cycle two cycles ago was a normal-length cycle, 32 days. Then I had a 42-day cycle with two surges. Blech.


Pokey - I was temping. I had a rise that lasted four days, but then it dropped low enough that FF changed its mind about me ovulating. And, when AF showed up, I counted backward and realized that I couldn't have O'd right before the rise anyway. I was also checking other signs but didn't get them -- no surge, no EWCM, and a cervix that started slightly open around CD 10 and then closed and moved out of position.

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Oh Outdoorsy, I am so sorry that you are the woman who has stumped the midwife. I am glad you are going into the RE and I hope it is a decision you feel comfortable with. hug2.gif and goodvibes.gif. I hope you can get all of this figured out and soon. 

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Outdoorsy: I hope the RE is able to give you some answers. I'm sorry this is so difficult for you greensad.gif

Hopeful and wishin': good luck in the TWW

Sorry for the short, probably incomplete personals. I'm at 9dpo today. No cramping but quite sore breasts. They normally get sore with the progesterone but this seems stronger. still convinced I'm not pregnant though. I spoke to my acupuncturist/TCM doctor yesterday and I've made the decision to not take clomid. I ovulate so I don't want to mess with things.

This journey is really making me weary this month.
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Carmen: Just popping in to give you some love.  <3  I'm sorry you're having a rough go of it right now.  Here's hoping things will be looking up very soon!



Is it possible to do a blog roll call?  I've lost track of who is who -- and would love to follow you all if you've got one.  I feel like we used to do this periodically way back in 2009.



Also, is anyone else using an Ovacue Monitor?  Curious what your results have been with that.  I need to get back into temping.  I may just start temping now even though I'm on CD 21.  My ovacue is still showing me as "not fertile" right now, so I may still be able to see some of the pattern.  My cycles tend to be far apart and irregular.  My last two cycles were 45 days apart, but I don't normally even see them as often as all that.



Btw, if anyone is looking for low cost acupuncture options check out Peoples Organization of Community Acupuncture.  There are clinics everywhere that offer acupuncture on a sliding scale of $15.00-$40.00.  You choose what is comfortable to pay for your budget.



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Good question.  I don't have a blog about TTC, but I do have a few things related to queer weddings.  http://lesbianweddingoutfit.blogspot.com/  I don't update this anymore, but I do have a Facebook page called What to Wear to Your Queer Wedding.  You can also find me on Pinterest with a board of that name.  I can PM you my real name if you want to find me that way on Pinterest.  I am also on twitter @pokeycip --but not very often.  I got into this when we were planning our wedding and my DW was having a really hard time figuring out what to wear.  There was not a lot out there at the time.  Things have gotten better, but it is still hard to find good outfits if you don't want to wear a dress.  You might want to ask this question on the other thread, QQOTD too.

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I use the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor - I guess it's the particular brand you're looking for experience with? Or just digital monitors in general?


I blog but not as often as I'd like to: http://coastalwaves.blogspot.com. I don't blog often about TTC because we don't tell very many people (in real life) when we're TTC - I blog mostly about parenting.


10DPO and I actually feel slightly pregnant today bigeyes.gif I'm bloated, having some cramping on and off, sore breasts....of course, it could all be the progesterone and my wishful thinking. Testing Sunday @ 13DPO.

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Jenny--I blog but since that's public and my id on here is private I don't mix them (my blog is professional)


As for us--IUI was today and we had the best sperm count we've had--58 million.  DW had acupuncture this afternoon and there will be a second IUI tomorrow morning.  So...we wait :)  We have a pineapple waiting on the counter for DW to eat (apparently the bromelein in the core is helpful for implantation--oh, and she likes pineapple!).

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Carmen  & Wishin':  Fingers crossed!fingersx.gif

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I don't know that I've ever posted my blog on here, it's http://queeringmyfamily.blogspot.ca/.  



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wishin- Yay for awesome sperm counts!! FX!!


Carmen- Yay for feeling pregnant!! I have everything crossed for you! Good luck!


Jenny- Thanks for posting that link about the community acupuncture. I go to one where I live but I had no idea that it was a nation wide thing! I love the place I go to. They are so friendly and it is so affordable. Also great call on the blog roll call! I don't have one but I love reading other peoples!


AFM- I am thinking I O'd the day after insem based on temps. My CM and other signs point to the day of insem. So just waiting. 3 DPI...

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