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Anyone else try to bribe embryos...


As in, "c'mon zygote...we like long walks on the beach, we eat ice cream constantly, and gosh, aren't fresh cherries awesome!  Stick around, you know you want to!  I'll buy you CHOCOLATE!!!"

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lol, wishin! lol.gif

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wishin' - I wish I could be your zygote.  I would love some fresh cherries and chocolate!  ROTFLMAO.gif

Let me know how that works, I will try it too.  Never too young to start with the bribery.  Maybe you should try offering it money.

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Hi Everyone,

We're clearing out a few books we don't need right now, and I was wondering if anyone here would like either of these:

Taking Charge of Your Fertility is a good basic introduction to charting.
Navigating the Land of IF is a wonderful book if you have been TTC long enough that it has gotten painful. (I strongly recommend this book to anyone who has gotten to the point where they hate pregnant people.)

I've received fun and useful things in the mail in the past from MDC people (Seraf, Library, etc.), so I'm glad to pass on these books if they seem like they would be useful to someone here!
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Tonight the possible zygote had mint chocolate chip ice cream.  


Tomorrow the possible zygote gets a road trip and pizza...

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Wishin- Lol!! I love the idea of bibery! I would want a road trip and pizza so I am sure a zygote would too!


Pokey- Where are you at in the TWW?


Carmen- How are you feeling? Are you excited/nervous for your upcoming test?


Wow it has been quiet around here! Unfortunately, like everyone else, I don't have a lot to add! orngbiggrin.gif


I was just looking at the lists on the front page and I think this is the smallest I have ever seen the waiting to know or the waiting to O sections! There are a ton of people in the taking a break phase. I wonder what that is about. I am sure a lot of it just has to do with people being busier in the summer.


Question for those of you who are trying to lose weight while TTC or lost weight prior to TTC- How did you find your motivation? I have put on about 15 lbs in the last year and a half and really think it would be a good idea if I took the weight off so that I can be healthier when I do become pregnant (and so that my pants fit better!) but it is hard to think about losing weight just to gain it when I am pregnant. I know there is research out there that says that fertility increases with weight loss but since I just crossed over into the unhealthy BMI zone I find it hard to believe that 5 lbs would make a difference. So what have you guys found about losing weight and TTC? Is it helpful? Have you found any good articles or research on the matter?


Hmm... I guess I did have some things to say! ROTFLMAO.gif

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Oh, also....



Has anyone tried Vitex? My doctor recommended it to me but I don't know much about it.

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Hopeful - You're right.  There is not much going on!  I think the summer is busy and it's a hard time to fit in all that TTC entails.  I miss everyone who's on a break, and I hope they come back soon.  I am 13DPO, and I'm waiting to test because my wife is out of town, and she really wants me to wait until she's back so we can find out together.  It's kind of killing me, but I am holding off.  How are you feeling?

I've been taking Vitex for a long time.  The first several months I did see my cycles change and get a little more regular.  This month I didn't take it during the follicular phase because I was reading that it can counteract Clomid, and I was taking Femara, and I thought the same thing might apply.  Because it's an herb, it's hard to find hard information on how much to take and when.  I started taking it again after O to support the LP.  I was told the liquid might be more potent, but I was having trouble getting it and I ran out so now I am taking the capsules.  I would ask your Dr for the recommended dose.

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Originally Posted by Hopeful22 View Post


Carmen- How are you feeling? Are you excited/nervous for your upcoming test?


Thanks for asking. I wasn't sure if everyone would want me reporting back here so I posted in Q&P. I ended up getting in this morning and my first result is 184 @ 15DPO. It's well within normal for this time but it's low compared to what I've had at this time in 2 past pregnancies (my DD and the last pregnancy). My symptoms have waned a lot this morning so I'm actually really not hopeful at all. I'll know more on Thursday after my next test though.

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Hopeful - I am still normal BMI but have gained about 10 pounds in the last 18 mos. Contributing factors are TTC stress, aging, and more access to snacks via a job change. I would like to lose it, but I feel like it's hard to motivate myself to lose weight when I wish I had a basketball up my shirt, so to speak! I've heard on the news that losing even a small amount can help an overweight person get pregnant, but I don't have any particular articles to refer you to. I just try to control my eating, get some exercise, and hope I get pregnant soon so I can stop worrying about it until I'm done breastfeeding (my sis got nice and lean while breastfeeding, then gained some back after). I haven't tried vitex, but a midwife did mention it to me once as a possibility. I opted not to because I was going to start clomid.


Pokey and Carmen -- Good luck with the testing! Rainbow.gif


AFM - Waiting for July 5 RE intake. Tracking O.

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Carmen - I'm sorry you have to worry so much.  It stinks.  I think that is a good beta #, and it ain't over till the fat lady sings, but I understand your attitude.  I hope you are ok these next few days as you wait for more info, and I hope that everything is just fine.  Thinking of you.


Outdoorsy -- Hi! Glad you have an intake appointment.  I hope it goes really well.

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Carmen: I know the worry. All too well. And I know how easy it is to try to read into those beta numbers but you really must let them go. They are just there to confirm pregnancy and that's it. All that will tell your tale is time and I know how slowly it passes by at this point in the game. Keeping extra good thoughts for you.


Vitex. Who the heck knows. It works for some to help even out their cycle. Some people says it regulates their cycle to the "average" 28 days. Others say they didn't notice any difference. You give it a shot and maybe it works for you and maybe it doesn't. Do you have long cycles or something?


Losing weight. I think there is something to be said about it. There are a lot of potential positives. 1. Having a healthy BMI could reduce risk of miscarriage. There's no proof it causes infertility but it has shown to increase miscarriages in IVF. Of course, additional things that come with being overweight can cause infertility which leads me to #2. Increased weight can mean increased sugar. Increased sugar levels can deter getting and staying pregnant. Do you know what your sugar levels are? #3. You can have the mentality of "well, I'm only going to just put it back on by getting pregnant" but I would say if you're losing weight before you get pregnant, your "banking" pounds towards gaining during pregnancy. For me, I lost about 85 pounds. So I know that even when I gain my baby weight, I'll never be as big as I was before. This is a good thing, in my mind. Which leads to #3. Your mental health. I have found working out and getting my heart rate up has been the best deterrent for depression and other things related to the difficulties of TTC. That's not true for everyone but if you give it a chance, you're likely to see some benefit of your mental state. And Lord knows the majority of us could afford to have some of that right now!


AFM: stimming with my meds for IVF. No fun but not horrible. DP injects me every night and she's doing a great job at it. First ultrasound tomorrow to see how I'm responding then hopefully egg retrieval next week.


Hope everyone is having a good summer.



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Carmen- I can't speak for everyone, but I personally think that it is wonderful for you to keep posting here. If you didn't I would just think that you fell of the face of the earth and I don't want that to happen! Also, we are all here to celebrate the good and help with the bad. I really hope your little blastocyst stays in there all nice and cozy for the next nineish months. I also hope that Thursdays beta will help to calm your nerves a bit. I know people say this all the time but I really am hoping and praying that you are able to stay pregnant this time. Also, I looked at your blog and your DD is soooooo darn cute!


Outdoorsy- Yay for your intake appt. July 5th isn't too far away! I know what you mean about wanting a basketball up your shirt. I can't wait to get the stage of pregnancy where I am showing and obviously pregnant to strangers. 


Pokey- Thanks for the info regarding Vitex. I also heard it was better in liquid form but couldn't find it at my local vitamin stores so went with the capsule. 13DPO and not testing has to be rough!! When does your DW come back? Are you 'feeling' pregnant at all? I am feeling fine, thanks for asking. I am 6DPI so will try to hold off on testing until Sunday or Monday. I am trying to remain optimistic but it is hard to hold out hope on try #6 when we've been doing the same thing the whole time and nothing has happened. At what point did you decide to try Clomid/Femara?


ETA- Krista- Thanks so much for the info on Vitex and weight. I do not have long cycles but my doc was talking about it helping to regulate hormone levels. I believe she mentioned it working to help progesterone levels. Congratulations to you on losing 85lbs! I get what you are saying about "banking" pounds for use during pregnancy. I don't know what my sugar levels look like, but that was another thing that my doc. mentioned may be helpful, just having stable sugar levels. Again thank you for all the info and good luck at your ultrasound tomorrow! Let us know how it all goes.

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Originally Posted by kgulbransen View Post
Vitex. Who the heck knows.


Exactly!  So confusing.  I hope you are producing lots of wonderful follicles full of healthy eggs and that the retrieval goes well next week!  And congrats on losing 85 pounds.  That is an impressive feat.


The weight issue can also be confounding.  I was told not to lose weight before TTC because it throws off your hormones and then it takes time for them to balance again.  I may have used that as an excuse to not really try to lose weight as we postponed our start date a few times, and I have also been stressed.  I lost weight a few years ago when I first started preparing to get pregnant, but as time passed, I gained it back.  I'm not happy about it.  I would like to weigh less going into pregnancy, but it is what it is at this point.  I'm at a high weight for me but still at a BMI that is below 30 and that seems to be the number where people get worried.  My sugar levels are fine, and I ovulate fine.  Maybe it's not a big issue for me.  I exercise and do yoga.  I like yoga.  It makes me feel strong.

There's a trade off between weight and age.  I could take a break from TTC to lose weight and then let my hormones rebalance, but by then I could be 38, and I would rather keep time on my side now.  Just my thoughts.


Hopeful - Maybe it's 12DPO.  Now I'm not sure.  My wife gets back Thursday night.  I would like to take a test then even if it's not FMU because then I could go get blood drawn Friday morning and get the results the same day. If I go in later in the day, I might not be able to get the results until Monday.  Like I said, the waiting is killing me!  I don't particularly feel pregnant.  I have some heartburn.  My breasts aren't really sore at all, but in the past they may have been sore due to the Clomid and such.  I was feeling anxious on Sunday because I was worried I wouldn't be pregnant and I just don't want to be disappointed again.  It gets harder and harder.  If I'm not pregnant, I want to do injectables next, but next month some of the people I work with are going to be out of the office so I don't know if I will be able to swing all the monitoring appointments.  I guess I shouldn't get ahead of myself.  We decided to try Clomid after 3 tries without it.  I wanted to do everything naturally, but my wife thought we should take advantage of whatever medical science could offer if it would help us get pregnant faster.  It's funny she thinks that way because she never wants to go to the doctor or follow the advice they give her when she does.  But that's another issue.  Anyway, after 3 BFN's at my age it seemed like time was a wastin' so I took the Clomid.  It didn't seem to do much the first 2 times and we got BFN's. The third time I had 3 or 4 good follies and did get pregnant but lost it very early.  I didn't have many side effects but it did make my lining gradually thinner.  I decided to try Femara because I read lots of stories of people who tried Clomid without success and then got pregnant the first time or so with Femara.  It sounded like it was worth a shot.  Time will tell how well it really works.  I hope this was a long enough answer.  winky.gif  I'm glad you are in the TWW too!  I hope things turn around and you get a different result than you did in the past.  You always got to have a little hope!

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Thanks, everyone. I had a little meltdown at my training session today which was embarrassing but luckily only one woman I know quite well noticed and she was lovely about it. I know the numbers "don't mean anything" and actually, 184 looks really good in the stats online. I'm just paranoid because I feel like my symptoms have suddenly disappeared and EVERY time that has happened I've miscarried. I know every pregnancy is different but it's hard not to be jaded when I've been through this so many times. *sigh* I'm hanging in. I had a big cuddle with my DD and my DP when I got home and I have acupuncture scheduled for tomorrow night so I'll get by. My next test is on Thursday morning so I'll know more by Thursday afternoon (I get the results online within a few hours).


ETA: sorry if I'm ignoring everyone else at the moment...I'm still reading your updates!

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Carmen, Thursday is my birthday so it's going to be good. wink1.gif

I noticed the active list is tiiinnyyyy right now. Crazy!!

AFU: DW is still waiting for CD1 so she can get her hystowhatever it's called, to check out her fibroids. We rescheduled our donor sperm orientation because we have other stuff to do that day, and since we don't need the sperm immediately, we pushed it back a week. DW had applied for school and is still job searching. We've decided to try hard to make August work, which means possibly giving up our holiday and driving 12 hours to get to a wedding, staying overnight, and driving home the next day... Yikes. Our new car (Honda Fit) is fantastic on gas, so much more affordable than our old car, which would have made it a very expensive drive... But so far, DW's cycle is lasting a ridiculously long time, so we may not even have as big a problem as I thought we would... It might be cutting close though...
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Hi darthtunaqueen!  Good luck with AF coming so DW can do the HSG.  Are they giving her some Valium or something?  That helps with the relaxation.


Does anyone want to be threadkeeper for July?  I can't believe it's almost July.  Let me know if you want to do it, and I'll send you the info.  It's been pretty quiet so it should be an easy job.

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Hopeful: I had mixed results with vitex.  When I first used it, it helped bring on AF after about 3 months -- this was when I wasn't really having a cycle at all -- post bcp.  It took me 18 months before I got a cycle after coming off of them.  


I took vitex in capsule form and I think it was much more potent than what I had used previously.  Last summer, it brought on a VERY STRONG bleed.  I actually got a touch anemic and nearly had to go on progesterone to stop it.  (I was way due for a good bleed, but I couldnt' even leave the house!)  I have read so many things where people have had really great results with it, but I had a mixed bag  results wise.  I just saw my RE.  My BMI falls within morbidly obese, but I recently lost about 30 pounds (and two pants sizes!)  this alone seems to have really helped with my cycles since February. I'm still not "regular", but I'm more frequent.  I have made so many changes, but this one is the most difficult for me. I just really like potato chips and chocolate.  :/   BUT!  I actually started using shakeology and it has helped me reduce my sugar cravings.  The result of that has been reduced appetite and more even blood sugar.  My biggest downfall is that I snack when I get home from work while I'm cooking dinner.  I probably consume 40% of my calories in the day during that time.  So, sometimes I'll have a shake instead.  (Btw, they actually contain good ingredients and aren't like slimfast -- but they are $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$). I am also naturally choosing better snacking options because I'm just not craving the sugar like I usually do. Also, I've been mindful to remember to DRINK WATER.  This is a huge challenge for me because I'm not a naturally thirsty person.  My energy is through the roof.  Beware though, it'll give you the poops at first.  LOL!  PM me if you want more info.  I have also been trying to be more active.  I'm not exercising every day (though I am about 3 to 4 times a week), but I'm pushing my self to spend less time on the PC (when Im not at work) and more time moving and just being outside in general.  I've read and been told that losing just 10 to 20% of body weight can make all the difference, though I've never heard of the hormones needing to level out after weight loss. I suppose that makes sense, but I've never read anything to support that.


Outdoorsy: May the time until your intake appointment pass quickly!  You must be anxious to get going, I know I was!


Carmen & Wishin': Still have my fingers crossed for you!


To everyone else I'm forgetting:  Sorry!  :-)


AFM:  I ovulated (allegedly).  :)

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Just popping in from my break to say congrats to Carmen, and that I've got everything crossed for a sticky bean!!! Big hugs as you wait for tomorrow's news.


Sorry for the post and run. I've been on vacation for a week, and am terribly behind at work. More later...

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Pokey- I would love to be threadkeeper for July



Be back to post more later.

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