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Krista--I am so excited for you!
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There are a few of us here that are Bay Area Babes. We tried awhile ago to get something together and there was a brief moment in a park but then it fizzled. I think it's always good to try so if people are interested they can shoot me an email at caliblondieus at yahoo.com and I will try to coordinate something.


Yes, that's me at the columns of Lake Merritt trying to look City Council-official for my future endeavors!


Thanks, Lisedea. I'm getting a little more excited although I'm mostly nerve wracked.

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God I hate OPK's!  I just got a smiley face on the digital and a negative on the internet cheapie.  My other signs are not lining up.  This happened last time.  I pulled out the stick on the digital and it was a smear of blue, not real line, but it doesn't usually have a strong line anyway.  AAaarrrrggghhh!  Rant over.  I'll test again this evening and see what it says.

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Coming out of lurkdom to wish much luck to Krista.


Our DD is the result of one IVF cycle with PGD. SOOOOO helpful to do the PGD after 4 successive losses. I really think it made all the difference. Hoping the same is the case for you.


Would love to know more about the choice to freeze and then transfer later....but only if you feel like sharing. Really it's just curiosity.


Good luck with the drug cocktail. My wife was amazing with all of that. I would have been a puddle as a needle hater....

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Megin: good to see you. I'm not necessarily doing FET with the cycle by choice. At this point in the PGD game, the leading scientists are doing PGD on 5/6 day embryos. Rather than trying to turn the genetic test results back and push the embryo any further than it's already been pushed, they freeze it, wait for the test results and then do the FET. I know there is some argument as to whether FET is better than fresh and that studies show fresh has a higher success rate, but this is what my doctor prefers to do. She says that so far, she has had success with patients in this regards and feels like if it ain't broke, don't fix it. I think there are some doctors that will biopsy at Day 5, wait for test results and then do a fresh transfer but it's a small percentage of the industry right now. And nowadays, doing a biopsy on Day 5 is turning out to provide more realistic and reliable results than Day 3.


I'm assuming with your PGD that you did a fresh transfer because they were doing the biopsy at Day 3?



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Thank you for the hugs, nosreves! And to pokey for the well wishes. It was great to hear that Clomid can delay O -- what a relief! I had never heard that. I hope that's what's happening. I'm waiting (a little nervously) for tomorrow's temp. As for the u/s and trigger, they are probably the next step, but I will have to switch to an RE, so that's why I haven't already tried them. We already had a vial waiting at the midwife's, so we're staying there for this cycle.


Krista, I will be thinking of you as you get ready for your IVF cycle. I hope it works!!!


AFM - After work, I went to the store and bought: a Father's Day card, two boxes of opks (one digital, one cheapie strips), and some fabulous bakery-type cookies. ahhhh..... feeling a little more hopeful.

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Originally Posted by kgulbransen View Post


AFM: starting my meds for my one (and only) IVF cycle with pre genetic diagnosis this Friday. After 3 miscarriages and lots of testing, I'm ready to just get this done and move on. We won't actually know a pregnancy outcome until probably August as we are freezing any good embryos and doing a frozen embryo transfer so we still have a long ways to go.


How exciting! Keep us updated if you can :)

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My temp didn't go up any higher this morning - in fact, it went down a bit. Ugh. I'm feeling like maybe I didn't ovulate at all?? A crappy cycle is NOT what I need right now....

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Krista, I'm wishing you the best! I know you have a few months ahead of you, but I'll be thinking of you through the summer, and sending lots of strong baby vibes your way. I hope this is it!


Carmen, ugh, I hope that the signs were out of whack, but that it was a good, fertile month with great timing. I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed for you.


Outdoorsy, Pokey, and everyone else... FX for successful insems, perfect timing, strong swimmers, and good eggs. We're well overdue for a BFP in this group, so it's gotta be just around the corner.

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Carmen -- so sorry to hear that! I hope it doesn't mean anything. Temps can be crazy-making. I am rooting for you! smile.gif


My temp went up a couple hundredths this morning. Up is NOT what I was looking for. My temp is higher than it normally is before ovulation. I really hope I haven't already O'd. I've heard Clomid can raise temps, but I thought that was mostly on the days you take the pills.

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I wanted to do a quick drive-by -- we're still taking a break, and it is delightful! No, really. Our current plan is to do a follistim cycle in august, which seems very far away right now. 



outdoorsy, when I took clomid, my temps were noticeably higher for the whole cycle, not just the days i took the pills. When I did O, the temp jump was unmistakable. I got my highest BBTs ever post-O with clomid. I know everyone's different, but that was my experience. I have heard that clomid can delay ovulation, for some people I think it can be a significant delay. I think I o'd on days 15 /16-ish when I was taking it (which, for me, was great - compared to never ovulating!) Clomid is definitely a roller coaster. I hope this is the last time you take it! 


Carmen - :( 


Krista FX for your egg retrieval! good luck! 

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outdoorsy and carmen --  Again, I'm so sorry your cycles are being so confounding and frustrating!  I have decided these few days around insemination are the worst part of TTC.  All the doubt, confusing signals to decipher, jeesh!  I always freak out a little bit about my temps worrying that it will go up before I want it to or that it won't go up when it should.


dandylez -- Thanks for the vote of confidence!  We are due for some BFP's around here!  I would really love to move someone to the graduates section this month.


mrsandmrs -- I'm glad you are enjoying your break!  It sounds fantastic.  I'm excited for your new plan too.


AFM-- I didn't sleep very well last night.  I always get so stressed out around this time.  Praying I don't ovulate too early, wondering what signs I should pay attention to, etc.  I got a smiley face OPK yesterday that seemed wrong because the other signs weren't lining up.  Last night my cervix was open but not as much as it could be.  Usually I O a few days into the high, open and soft time.  I decided to mostly ignore the OPK and proceed as usual.  I went to the Dr. this morning and I have 2 big follicles, one on each side.  My lining was good.  It didn't look like I had ovulated yet, but that I might soon.  I got the trigger shot.  I called the midwife and she is coming over tonight and tomorrow morning for the IUI's.  I picked up the swimmers and made it to work at a fairly decent time.  So I feel good that all my appointments are set and taken care of.  Now I just have to do the insems and move on to more waiting.  I'm actually looking forward to the TWW because this craziness will be over.  Friday I have acupuncture, and that will be lovely!

grouphug.gif and dust.gif to all!

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Pokey- I know what you mean about this time of the month being stressful but it sounds like you have things pinned down pretty well and that your timing will be perfect. I really hope this cycle is it for you guys! I think it was you who asked before how many cycles we've done? This is our 6th try. We did 3 IUIs at home and are now doing out 3rd doctor assisted IUI. We haven't used any drugs but have gotten lab work and an HSG done and everything looked fine other than a possible auto-immune disorder that the RE was concerned may make things difficult. 


Mrs²- Hey! I thought of you the other day because DW and I were in your neck of the woods for some festivities last weekend. I am glad to see you are enjoying your break. My fingers crossed for you in August!


Outdoorsy- Sorry to hear that O isn't happening when you were expecting and seems to be making things difficult for you. I hope that it happens soon and your clomid cycle does the trick. FX!


Carmen- Sorry to hear O is giving you trouble too. Any chance your KD would do another insem just to make sure you get it in the window?


Krista- You will be in my thoughts while you are in this journey of IVF. I am so, so hoping that this brings you your little one. Good Luck!


Wanna- I hope your break is helpful for you. I know that people have been talking about the timing of your O and your long cycles and I was thinking that it may be helpful, while you are on a break, if you use OPKs this month to see if you get a positive more than once. Maybe that could help you to figure out if there is in fact something up. This is just a suggestion so if you are not up for it then I totally understand. 


Madronedw- Welcome and good luck this fall!


Soto- Are you around at all these days?


AFM- I am currently on CD 7, the boring part! I am feeling really ready to move on and try clomid or something more than IUIs. I don't feel very hopeful for this month since it will be the same as the other 5 and they haven't worked. So we are trying one more non-medicated IUI (is it still non-medicated if a doc is doing it? I suppose its non-medicated but not non-medicalized?) Also, I think I forgot to mention that I started progesterone last month and I wanted to know about dosing. I didn't get a blood test done but after talking with my doc she thought it would be helpful so she prescribed a 25mg progesterone suppository 2x a day. Is this an average strength? It seemed kinda low to me but I have no idea what is normal. 

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Thanks, dandy! Saw your "bump" photos on the other thread...you look great smile.gif


mrs: Thanks for the drive-by. Good to hear your break is going well!


pokey: Yeah, O time is the most stressful for me too. Some days I think I should do cycle monitoring and trigger just to take the guess work out of it. I hope your IUIs go well.


hopeful: That does seem low. The RE prescribed 400mg a day for me and I don't even have a LP defect - I think it's just standard. I do 200mg in the morning and 200mg before bed (suppositories).


Afm: Temp is still up and FF thinks I O'd. Too bad about the "no peak" on the monitor. If I'm not pregnant this cycle...and I don't feel like I will be....I'm fiddling with the idea of doing cycle monitoring and trigger....and maybe clomid. But now I'm freaked out about taking clomid even more since Krista mentioned that it actually lowers your chances at my age. I can't help but think the stress of these being our last chances is affecting my usually very predictable, normal cycles.

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mrsandmrs - Thanks for that info about your temps. That's very reassuring. I am still waiting for the surge, but trying to stay calm.


pokey - good luck with the insem!


hopeful - thanks for the fx! I could use it.


carmen - glad to hear your temp is up. At what age is Clomid supposed to lower your chances?


AFM - Still wading through my first-ever Clomid cycle here on CD 23. My cervix is still closed, but it seems to be a little softer and I had an unusually large volume of CM today, though not EW. Trying to be patient. Wondering if I'm going to surge this weekend, when my parents are visiting for Father's Day. That would be interesting. At least they know what we're doing, so I wouldn't have to lie even though it would disrupt our plans.

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outdoorsy, I think it was 35....Krista, if you're reading would you mind sharing the link again? It may been counter productive only if you normally O on your own....I can't remember. I'm going to print it out and bring it to my RE if I go that route as he never mentioned it to me and the clinic is pretty young, hip and on top of things....
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Hopeful - My doctor prescribed 100mg of progesterone twice a day for the TWW and then 200mg 2x a day if pregnant.  I do know that my progesterone can be low, so that may be why it's higher.  I hope this boring waiting part goes by quickly and that you are successful this month!


outdoorsy -  Still keeping fingers crossed for you.  Opening cervix and lots of CM sound very promising!


AFM - In spite of all my panic, I think I scheduled everything well.  We are pretty sure I O'd overnight.  Last night my CM was clear and my cervix was wide open.  This morning it was still open but the CM was more white and the pressure around my ovaries is a lot less.    We got pretty close to the O on either side and that feels good.  Now I will start my progesterone tomorrow and celebrate my wife's birthday and wait.  I did have a good excuse for being late for work this morning after my IUI.  There was a huge fire right next to the train tracks for BART (that's our commuter train).  They had to close the tunnel that goes under the San Francisco Bay so a lot of people had to drive or take the bus to work instead.  It wasn't too bad.  I just hope I can get home ok.

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Hi all, I just spent a while reading through the past week and just want to say that I'm so happy you're all here.


Thx, carmen, for the positive story re: my local clinic... I'm always glad to hear that sort of thing! Am sorry that your temp didn't rise as expected, but fx that it was simply a glitch.


Hugs and empathy to wishin, angela, hopeful, wanna, and any others who recently got BFNs. Blech.


Welcome, chrisc and madronedw!


Krista, I too wish you luck with starting the IVF meds, and fx that side effects will be few and minor.


I'm hearing you on the OPKs, pokey... Having only used them for two cycles now, I'm still never certain when a positive line is really a positive line. I think my DP was a little grossed out the first time I asked her to come look at the stick sitting on the edge of a jar of pee, and confirm for me if there were indeed two dark solid lines... I then sweetly reminded her that this is only the beginning of fun times with my bodily fluids, heh heh. Good luck on your TWW!


And outdoorsy, I'm sending patience-vibes your way: goodvibes.gif


AFM, today was our intake at the fertility clinic. We met the doctor, he gave us a run-down on how the whole process goes, and then did a pap test and an internal ultrasound (dildo-cam!). From charting, I was expecting to be about to ovulate and told him so... But instead of seeing any eggs ready to go, the ultrasound monitor showed the classic "string of pearls" indicating that I've got polycystic ovaries. It was a bit of a blow to hear that, because I don't have other PCOS symptoms aside from long cycles.


However, the doc didn't seem particularly concerned, and said that this means they'll want to do lots of monitoring of each cycle to ensure that one egg really is ready to go. He also said that they'd be extra careful with my using clomiphene to stimulate eggs, because their policy is to not do an insem if more than one egg is released. I was surprised by this, because while DP and I would prefer to have only one kid at a time, twins seemed like an acceptable risk (and for cheapos like me, a great deal: Two babies for the price of one!).


Anyway... Yeah. Now I'm just waiting out this cycle (still waiting to O!!!), so that I can arrange my blood tests and HSG when AF eventually arrives. I'm kinda still processing everything I learned today. I'd had a dream that I was pregnant on my 31st birthday, which is exactly a month from now, and though I don't usually take those things very seriously, I'm oddly sad now that I know it won't happen by then.  DP reminded me that at my 32nd birthday, I may very well be holding our baby in my arms, which was kind (and true).

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granite: I'm sorry about your u/s results...but PCOS is very treatable from what I hear and it sounds like your RE isn't worried at all. And you're young still so holding a baby in your arms at 32 is absolutely doable :) Btw, I've learned after peeing on many a stick that a positive opk is very easy to spot and looks quite different from "borderline" ones in my experience.



Afm: I realized after staring at my chart today for what seemed like hours that if I hadn't been using the digital monitor and missed getting a "peak" I likely wouldn't be as concerned. I still don't think I'm pregnant though (yes, I know I'm only 3dpo).

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Granite: I'm sorry to hear you've been diagnosed with PCOS!  I have some of the symptoms, and was tested for it... that was fun... :P  Twins increases your risk of getting to hang out in the NICU (with lovely nurses like ME!) for an unspecified length of time.  It seems to be very favourable for the RE's now to really push for singletons instead of multiples.  :D  GOOD LUCK!!!


Carmen: AUUGGHH!!  your cycle sounds so frustrating!!  Maybe it's all the INCREDIBLY shitty weather we've had??  Holy crap, I was in jeans and a fleece and STILL cold today (would have liked another layer and a toque... FOR SERIOUS?!).  Lack of natural light can't be good.  Living out in the 'burbs where I am now you really notice how low the clouds hang, thanks to SFU on one side and the mountains on the other.  It's pretty gross.  Everything's late... but the strawberries are out!!  :D  'snot all bad.


Pokey: Your timing sounds perfect.  I've got my fx for you guys!!!!!  Go little swimmers GOOOOOOOO.


Outdoorsy: good luck on your timing, we've had to interrupt plans before too, so glad your family is supportive and on board.  I'm sure they won't mind the interruption if it gets them grandkids!!


Hopeful: I know exactly how you feel.  What I've learned is to go with your gut.  Your guts are usually right.  


Mrs^2: Enjoy your break!!  We've also been on a break, although yours sounds much more restful than ours... :D  


Krista: wishing you a llllllllllll the best for your egg retrieval!!  I've got all possible digits crossed for you that they get some good eggs!!


AFU: So we found out yesterday that our RE's office does so many donor inseminations that they get the monthly orders packaged and shipped all together, so we don't have to pay shipping fees, which is fantastic.  Downside is that the deadline for ordering for July is June 25th and we don't have our donor insemination orientation until the 28th.  So we just lost a cycle.  We'll be at a family friend's wedding in August, so we lose another cycle.  We had a big meltdown last night about everything, hashed everything to death...  We're going to skip the vacation that went along with the wedding and insem in August, maybe, and then if that doesn't work, we'll be taking a 2-3 year hiatus while DW finishes her degree.  I feel like I'm dying inside at this decision to not continue, but our finances and life can't sustain us being stuck in this constant waiting game anymore.  DW doesn't have a job and is worried about finding one with enough flexibility that she can disappear for a couple of hours, when she's brand new, without any repercussions.  She's also totally un-employable in her field because she doesn't have her degree (she's perfectly competent, and actually OVER qualified for her field... minus the degree).  It's pretty brutal.  I'm angry, I'm working to let it go, that there's obviously stuff we're not doing or haven't done in order for this to happen.  I'm angry at myself, angry at KD... All you lovely people inspire me, so it really helps to take the edge off!!  :D


Hugs and FX to all!!

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