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Anyone have a membrane sweep?

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I'm at 40+6 right now and planning a homebirth.  I can go a little beyond 42 weeks and still birth at home, so I'm not too worried right now. Also, DS2 came at 42 weeks, so I guess I maybe tend to carry a long time.


Anyway, my midwife offered to do a "stretch and sweep" next Tuesday if I want to. I'm sure babe will just come when he/she is ready, but I'm curious to know if anyone had this and if so, does it hurt and was it effective? My instinct says not to do it, but I guess if I went beyond 42 weeks, it might be something to try.

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Yep, I have had it done with all 3 of my kids and it didn't put me into labor :-)

I'm not sure if it did much of anything honesty. My 1st was 6 days late, my 2nd was 5 days early, and my 3rd was 2 days late. Although i am sure each one came when they were ready and were perfectly on time :-)

Babies know when it is time to be born, I think. I would certainly be more aggressive with the natural induction options (sex, EPO, stretch & sweep, RRL, pressure points etc) as you get closer to 42 weeks though because it would be the difference between a hospital birth and home birth, right?
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Had it done 3 days in a row at 39.2-39.4 weeks and it did nothing. It hurt really badly for me but no labor or even contractions. All it did was dilate me a whole cm. Now I'm 40.4 weeks and these kids just don't seem to want to come out still. Good luck to you if you go with it! Maybe it will work :-)

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Had it done with dd2 at 41w3 days and went into labor shortly after (13 hrs?). It didn't hurt the first time but after I had cramping and minor bleeding and lost my mucus plug about 4 hrs later.

With dd3 the midwife did it (39w5d)and it hurt like...fill in your favorite obscenity here...no spotting, no cramping, no contractions and no mucus plug. I went into labor the next morning but I believe that's because of a very aggressive combo of pressure point massage + sex + epo capsules (inserted vaginally). Dh and I were determined to get labor started naturally and avoid a medical induction. And it worked. smile.gif
Bottom line...babies usually come when they're ready and a lot of these things won't work unless your body is already ready to have that baby.
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Thanks ladies. I think I'll decline next week and only do it later on if all else fails and I find myself looking at hospital induction.

Not feeling very sexy right now, but that and spicy food certainly sound a lot more appealing than a membrane sweep...

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