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Username- AlaskaAnne
Real name - Courtney
EED - December 28
Birth loc - birth center w midwife
Baby #1
Sex is unknown
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Oops should be AlaskAnne!
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Welcome mamas!!!

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Bump - I think there are some new mamas in this group and I'm happy to add you to this list if you'd like to be!

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MDC name: fayebond

EDD: 12/2? I said 12/10  doc said 11/24 US said 12/2 so I'm calling due time "in the holiday season"

birthplan: HBAC

Baby #2

Suprise but we are using "she" for fun

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MDC Username: Bellamama

Real Name: Kasie

EDD: Early to mid December

Baby#: 2 & 3

Aiming for a home birth but may be a hospital birth depending on if these babies want to bake past 37 weeks.

I think one boy, one girl.

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Congrats, Fayebond & Bellamomma!  We have 50 mamas on the list so far, and since there are 3 times that many in the group I'm pretty sure there are some of you who are participating but not on the list.  Don't be shy!  Post and let me put you on the list!

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mamabeakley, you can edit the master list if you would like- We go to find out today that this baby is a boy!! 

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username: Pink Lady

name: Debbie

edd: 12/29

baby #7

home birth


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MDC name:  MamaPhilly

Real:  Alisson

EDD: December 20, though my three boys have all been 8-14 days early

Baby #4

Planned home birth

No idea about girl or boy, though I'm assuming a boy since that's all we have ; )

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username: mrscarpee

name: Lauren

edd: 12/7

baby #2

home birth


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GreenTeaGinger can now say officially we're having a girl:)

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I think I've updated everyone - let me know if you want to be added/need something changed!

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Hi! Brand new to MDC (although I have been a lurker for a long time). Finally joining and excited to join a due date club at the same time.

username: DeeGee 1873

name: Anna

edd: 12/7

baby # 3

birth center

No clue yet - but we are finding out next week!

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Welcome to all the new mamas!

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Hello all! I'm a long time member of mothering, mostly a lurker, and now I'm pleased to be out of the dark and back in the swing of things, as we are expecting our 2nd child! I wasnt sure to post here or the thread about being due in January as my official due date is 1-5-2013 but my doc is taking my baby on  12-28-2012. Dh and I have waited 3 long yrs for our little peanut and he or she has finaly come to us! We are all thrilled and I look forward to getting to meet all of yall and hearing about yalls journeys and getting some advice or tips through ours!

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This is actually my first post here, though I've semi-lurked since April. Ready to jump in now...



MDC Username: stegenrae

Real Name: Rae

EDD: 12/15/12

Baby#: 3


Found out it's our first GIRL!

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Welcome, tickledpink and Rae!

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I think I caught all the baby's sex updates!  If you don't see yours updated and you've found out your baby's sex, let me know.  Also, there are a few people who posted their baby's sex but aren't on this list yet - just let me know if you want to be added :-)

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It is boy #2 for DeeGee and her family!

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