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Chia seeds, Flax seeds, hemp hearts?

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I see recipes that include chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp hearts, and yeast. What are these for? Flavor? Omega-3s?


I'm asking because I want my family to start doing a Meatless Monday. We eat all veggie meals on occasion so it wouldn't be that big of a stretch. From what I understand, it would have a health benefit, and a budget benefit, ie. all veggie meals are cheaper than a meat centric meal - is that correct?


It would actually be a vegan meal because my husband has a severe dairy allergy so I check labels for sodium cassinate, whey powder, lactose acid, etc. And we don't eat eggs. I worry about him getting enough lipids and Omega 3s, especially since he won't take any supplements unless I hand them to him. Any tips on helping with that?

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I mostly use flax and chia seed for structural function as an egg replacer. Hempseed I add for flavor and nutrition.

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I know a little about Flax and chia. Both are high in omega 3s and fiber.


Flax seed must be ground or else it just passes through. Once ground it loses its potency in about 3 weeks so I use mine within a day or two of grinding. I add it to all sorts of stuff--smoothies, bread balls, pancakes, pizza crusts etc. Also, although flax oil has a low smoking point so shouldn't be used in cooking, flaxseed does fine in baking. I buy the lighter colored seeds so that they're not so obvious to the kids that it's been mixed in and I grind it right before I use it in an electric coffee grinder.


Chia does not have to be ground. However it is much more active in absorbing water. I add it to the above recipe types. You have to be careful in how much for how long. If you add a lot to a smoothie and then put part of it in the fridge it can get really thick. You actually make chia pudding by mixing chia seed with liquid and sweetener. Walk away and half an hour later you have pudding. I add it to "ice cream" I make the kids in my vitamix. A cup of almond milk, 10-16 ounces frozen fruit, raw honey, and chia. I figure the chia will keep the ice cream firm if the kids set it down for a bit. Haven't really noticed if that works or not as they usually eat it too fast. I also use the white chia, rather than the black, so my kids don't notice. I can't get white local so I buy it online from amazon.

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I don't think the chia or hemp seeds have a strong taste. Maybe if you ate them alone, but mixed in, no. I add them to salads and cereals. You could probably sprinkle them on anything.

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I've been using ground flax seed everyday on my oatmeal or muesli.  Lately, I have been making DS a green smoothie for breakfast and always add a teaspoon of ground flax and hemp seeds for extra nutrition.  The hemp seeds give it creamy texture.    With Chia seeds I like to make chia pudding.  I just mix the chia w some vanilla almond milk and let it sit for baout 15 minutes.  Then add some berries.  There are more elaborate recipes online. 

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I use flax oil regularly. I mix it in smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, pasta/rice dishes etc. The oil has a distinctive flavor but when mixed within other foods I find I can't detect it at all.

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