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Prodromal Labor?

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Has anyone started having laborish symptoms yet? I am 29 weeks and have had nothing thus far. I remember with my last that they had already started by now. 

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I have a lot of uncomfortable but not painful contractions, and baby seems to have a knife in there at times that he uses on my cervix.  So I suppose its started some thumb.gif  Im 30 weeks.

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I've had BH but no prodromal. That doesnt usually start for me this early.  In fact, it would be worrisome to me. Usually, I enjoy the prodromal and get excited wondering if this is it.  I couldnt do that at 30 weeks.

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I wasn't concerned with my last, but then again I didn't know anything else. I just figured it was prepping work :-) and it was, my labor was pretty quick. Thus the reason I am worried it hasn't started yet. Haha.
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Lots of BH.  With my first, I didn't have any recognizable contractions until I was in labor (41+5) and up until then I was terrified that my body would not be capable of giving birth.  It's odd that this time I've been having contractions for many weeks.  They don't hurt, and I know they aren't doing anything to my cervix, but I find them oddly comforting - like my body is saying, "I remember what I'm supposed to do!"  If I had real prodromal labor at this point, I would be really concerned and I would contact my midwife immediately. 

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I've been having a fair number of contractions, especially when nursing. I assume they are basically B/H contractions since they aren't regular or anything, but they still always tend to make me nervous.  Anyone have any advice about distinguishing between B/H contractions that aren't worrisome and when the contractions might be pre-term labor that you should worry about? I feel like my second time through I should know the difference, but I feel like I don't have a good enough handle on it to stop getting concerned.

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Rebecca, I think that is key, that they are not regular or in any sort of routine fashion.
Thanks for your input everyone
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BH will usually have no rhyme or reason.  You can do the opposite of what you are doing and they will stop. If you are walking, lay down.  If you havent drank water in a while, get a cup.  They can get a little uncomfortable but usually not. And remember, everyone is different.


Prodromal might.  But they will stop eventually.  They do not continue.  You might have 2 hours of 10 minute apart contractions.  And it's doing something.  It's just not going to end with a baby, YET. Changing positions, eating/drinking does not usually stop prodromal. THey can get pretty intense. I had some back labor and it was pretty rough.


Labor that produces a baby is clearly different though.  The contractions will over time get closer together, more painful and more productive.  In the beginning you probably wont be able to tell between the "real" thing and prodromal. It's often what finds women at the hosptial thinking they are in labor but really arent.


But after a few hours of "real" labor, you'll know this isnt more practice.  With all the babies I have had, when the prodromal starts, I'm never sure if it's the real thing or not.  I just start timing contractions.  I actually LOVE it.  I love surprises and suspense and waiting for labor to start is the ultimate.  LOL

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I've had a few prodromal episodes.  The longest lasted most of a day, the shortest was four hours.  I have had a feeling all along that this girl will be on the early side, so it's not surprising.  I'm happy to have made it to 29 weeks, and I'm counting down the days now.  I hope I will at least make it to 35 weeks so she won't have to stay in the NICU.

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the last few days I've started to have what feels like it off and on now.. Im really uncomfortable today, I have pressure downward but not how I remember labor..

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What do BH actually feel like? I kind of feel a little lost when it comes to analyzing what I'm feeling in my belly. Up to this point, I've noticed three different types of movements (all of which I assume are the baby): 1) the classic kicking, 2) what feels like a foot or hand pushing outward, like the baby is stretching or flexing his/her limbs, and 3) this strange rippling in certain parts of my belly. Will it be very obvious once something is a BH, and not a movement by the baby? (I'm 29 weeks)

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Braxton Hicks contractions are basically a tightening of your belly. If you touch your belly, it will feel tight and not relaxed. It can be kind of painful while walking when this happens (my experience thus far). Otherwise, BH shouldn't be painful per se. Everything you've described sarahdb, sounds like fetal movement to me.

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I've been having constant BH throughout the day/night for about 2 months now, but no prodromal yet as far as I know.  The BH are not painful at all (just a very tight belly), I've gotten quite used to them and they don't really take up much of my attention any more.  However in the last couple of weeks (esp. this week) I'm starting to feel some sharp twinges and cramps/aches around my cervix/bladder in the evenings - enough to get me to change positions, or take a rest if I'm walking.  Still, I don't think it's prodromal yet - I'm hoping that doesn't start this early for me as DH is still out of town 80% of the time, and "false alarm" trips to L&D by myself would NOT be fun!!

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do your spinning babies exercises!!! I had a TON of prodromal labor and it turns out my son was asynclitic. 30 hour labor, held out til hour 24 until I begged for drugs- I was in transition for 6 hours. Had I been more vigilant.... it probably would not have happened. 

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