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Here's the belly at 25w 4d, enjoying some lovely weather at my son's beach birthday.





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Beautiful Mama and beautiful belly!!! I know you've been worried about size/weight gain, but you look like a perfect to me. 

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Aw, thanks!!  Yeah, I think I've gained like 2 or 3 pounds just this last week or so eat.gif and friends have been commenting that I'm not looking so skinny.  Yay!  I guess I'll have to rein it in if it keeps up at that rate, but for now I'm just enjoying it.  

I've also taken a break from measuring my fundal height, will see where it's at next week after the weight gain has been around for a little while longer.

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You look great, try not to worry! I've finally gained some too, and I've had to quit measuring myself also because it is driving me nuts (still measuring a good bit ahead). Stress isn't going to do us any good! smile.gif

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I agree, you look great odinsmama!

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Thank you!  :)

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I'm actually looking smaller this week!  i haven't gained any fundal height either.. actually lost a cm in the past month (was measuring 4 wks ahead) though i've gained about 6-7 lbs between these pictures.... my baby is head down now (YAY) most of the time instead of transverse/breech.. which is awesome.. i feel so much better, less stretched out.. 



21 wks




25 wks


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Everyone is looking so great!  Cute cute round bellies!  I keep looking back over the months photos and seeing how everyone is changing!  So beautiful!  

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Me at 26 weeks today... I was measuring slightly bit on Monday at my appt.  at 27 weeks... not a big difference.  I am up 14 lbs from PP weight (19 lbs from lowest weight)




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Great bellies everyone!!!! 


24+4, the boob growth sure has picked up.


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25 weeks.  w/ my almost 3 year old sneaking in (her birthday is Sat)

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Well, it's a terrible picture of my face, but here's the pumpkin belly photo. 26 weeks tomorrow. 

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Love it!!!
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That's amazing! :)

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its early, i'll say thats my excuse but i actually thought for a second ' why is she holding a pumpkin in front of her belly?..' LOL  that looks great!

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awesome pumpkin belly!!!  so convincing!  i had to look twice even though i read the comments below first!

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I love the pumpkin!




26 Weeks! I'm getting all slopey now

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Here's me and my 5 year old at 20 weeks




and here I am today at 23 weeks


I've gained 18 pounds already ugh

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welcome and cute belly!

and i've gained at least 20 already... and i'm looking to gain at least 40.  it's my 5th so i might have a pattern....


so just roll w/ it b/c you look lovely!

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