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6.5 wks. This is getting hard to hide already.

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7 Weeks!


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OMG love all the pictures. I thought I was crazy thinking that I was already showing. But this is my second so maybe im right!

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Me (to DH): "I think my tummy's already popping out a little."  DH: "Your tummy was sticking out like that even before you were pregnant."

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Ha ha... my dh was saying that too. Today though, he said my belly looked bigger... I willxpost my 8 week photo later this week.
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Here's mine. If I'm figuring right, I'm almost 6 weeks.


My preggo belly - approx 5 weeks


I'm actually down about 50 lbs since around Thanksgiving last year. I think my belly is HUGE. Not a very good pic, but there you go.

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I can't believe how fast my tummy is beginning to expand! It was one of the first things I noticed before even knowing I was pregnant. I had finally dropped to my prepreg weight from when my 9mo was born, and could suck my tummy in nice and skinny. All of a sudden I couldn't suck it in anymore. :)

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I had to get in on this.  Ok this is 5 weeks.  It looks like I am carrying 3.  Actually the bloat/gas has calmed down a bit.  I am 7 weeks now and am smaller but still have a nice pooch goin.  eyesroll.gif




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5weeks 3 days ......5'2ft and I feel and look enormous, ready to start hitting the treadmill to stay ahead of it all.......


0612 196.jpg

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Originally Posted by joyriders View Post



i'm already fat (and i don't say that in a negative way!) and really tall (5'11") so i probably wont be showing for a while. but what the hell, here's a pic for future comparison, because it's bound to pop out eventually!

I LOVE your tattoo!

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This is my belly at the beginning of 9 weeks, what normally is a post c-section saggy bag of skin is now looking rounder and less saggy--its baby! This is my second pregnancy 



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I love seeing the pictures/progress! I can't bring myself to take any yet though. I do feel like i look pretty giant though, but i attribute it to 1. tending to carry any extra weight in my belly 2. leftover from ds 3. hernia repair surgery in April which made thingssaggier and baggier.
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I won't be taking any belly photos until it actually looks like a baby and not just bloat or fat. LOL But I'm 7w5d today and just started to pop a little. This is my 3rd pregnancy. 

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This is at 5 weeks, and 6 weeks along. Doesn't look like much, but there is a tiny bump there in the 2nd one I think! And I know these pics will make me chuckle by winter, because I get HUGE.

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I don't have any pictures yet, and probably won't take any for a little while, but I am finding that some pants/shorts are just totally uncomfortable. I'm 8 weeks now and have to be a bridesmaid at 11 weeks. In a dress with a fitted, belted waist. ROTFLMAO.gifIt would have been snug even if I hadn't gotten pregnant, due to the idiotic bridal industry that makes it nearly impossible to try anything on, then makes you order your dress 4 months in advance so you have time to have it shipped (3 months!) and altered (another month!). It's at the tailor now being let out as much as possible, and I've got some extra fabric to add into the side seams if necessary. What a lot to go through to adjust clothes for such a "young" pregnancy! I really didn't expect tight pants at 8 weeks. :)

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I hope the dress ends up being comfortable! I'm maid of honor in my sister's wedding-- also at 11 weeks-- but luckily I choose a style that isn't fitted at the waist-- it does have a little tightness on the top part of my belly though. Problem is, my boobs are already too big for it. I'm contemplating ordering up a size but then worry it will be too big. Quandaries!

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Here I am at 8 weeks.  The scale tells me I've only gained 3lbs but my pants beg to differ.


week 8.jpg

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I feel like I don't have much of anything. But my pudge def seems a lil thicker these days. I took a pic, but for the life of me can not figure out how to post it. Any tips?
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Originally Posted by typebug View Post

I LOVE your tattoo!

thank you! i have a complimentary one (another owl, different color/look) on the other side. :)

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I love seeing all the bumps! I'm at 7 weeks (or so, I'm going for a dating ultrasound on the 13th) but can't take any pictures until I get home - my girls and I are visiting my parents. I'm definitely showing though and my oldest (who is 4) asked me why I brought the bathing suit that I only wear when I am pregnant! I haven't told her yet - trying to keep it a secret until we are in the safe zone.

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