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Traveling by plane

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I posted a few weeks ago about whether it would be better to fly to mn or drive with a ten week old. Now that I have decided to fly for the sake of my little munchkin, I have a few questions that I hope some recent flyers can answer. Firstly, while I will be flying out to mn with 3 other adults and a 7 year old, coming home I will be alone with my little guy. My mother will still be driving so large things like pack-n-play and whatnot will travel with her. On the trip back I will only be carrying a carryon bag with clothes for me and baby, a mess of diapers, and other essential things. among the essentials will be my breast pump. I need to pump in the mornings since monkey already sleeps through the night. Will the TSA let me bring my pump on the plane? Do most airlines allow women with infants to board and exit the plane before everyone else? The reason I ask that is because I feel it would be easier than trying to find my seat while having my baby in the carrier in front of me while the Isle is full of people. Mostly rude city people from NY. No offense meant to anyone. I grew up in ny. That is all the questions I have for right now. If I have more I will add them later. Thank you in advanced to anyone that can help me.
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The breast pump is no problem. Preboarding for families is going away on many airlines lines, you will have to check with which carrier you are flying with. And really, you just end up boarding slightly ahead of some others but still usually in a cue to get on the plane since first class, premier members, card card holders, etc... go before familes now. Getting off the plane, no, you wait in the same line as everyone else.
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Just flew out of state and back this past week. While I personally did not bring a breast pump, i know it is allowed. Also, sometimes they allowed families with small children on early and sometimes they did not.
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Every flight I've taken, we've been able to board early. If you're worried, I'd chat up the gate agent in as friendly a way as you can, noting that it's the first time you've flown alone with your little one. I've often lucked out and the agent even finds us a better seat (more legroom or next to an empty seat).
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We just flew 4 times. Families get to board after group A on southwest. Early enough for us. Yes, breast pumps, and milk are allowed on the plane. But I would print up the rules and bring them with. all 4 times we went though security they had differant standerds for our babies milk and food. 

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Thank you all for your help.
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I just flew with a breast pump. At one airport they took the bag to the side, took out all the parts, and wiped them down looking for explosives residue  eyesroll.gif  But that was the only weirdness.

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