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Here's my take - my kids are notorious for taking OFF their shoes, so I will more easily accept the slightly harder soled shoes easily.  I know my kids well (like myself) and I know the amount of time they spend in shoes is minimal.  There are probably days they don't wear any.  I spend the most time selecting shoes they will wear for longer amounts of time (like when dd1 is in school, we select a better sneaker than for something she'll wear for half her time playing outside.  I'll get something cheap or just pretty for that.).  We also check whether all their shoes fit together some evening every 2-3 months (so I know which ones they're about to outgrow - cause if they like something enough, they won't always tell me it's getting small).


How much time does your child wear their shoes?  Do you wear them in the house?  Where and how often are you walking around outdoors?  And for how long?  Those are the kinds of questions I personally consider when selecting shoes for my littler kids.  


For young kids, I also would check whether I could bend the shoe almost in half with my hand.  And I'd look at the shape of the sole that it would allow their toes to fan out (like a birkinstock shoe, or crocs for example allow for my own toes).  If it was thicker or stiffer, it was earmarked as 'the shoe' for hiking, visiting farms, etc where you'd want harder and heavier shoe protection.  I personally don't always pay attention to arch support and haven't read up on when/how it makes a difference even for myself (and I possibly should) so can't give you my recommendations about that.  

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A good shoe for a young child has a flexible sole and can be bent in a half with a single hand. It is wide enough so that the child's food it not compressed in any way. The exterior protects the foot from natural and man-made elements but will depend on what kind of environment your child is in. (things like bee stings, broken glass etc outside.) It is reasonable durable and will last for the entire time your child wears that size and will often last through a second child's wear as a secondary wear. It will stay securely fastened to the foot until it is removed. (Crocs for instance fit a lot of these criteria but are also poorly fitting and associated with a LOT of injuries because they come off too easily. Banned at most preschools.)


A shoe for an older child might be slightly less flexible, offer a more durable sole and outer covering, and a longer wearing sole as well as more interior cushioning for an active, running/jumping child.


Some brands that are "research based" will produce some great, flexible shoes that meet this category and some bad shoes that don't. Very frusterating. There is a reason that zappos.com is so popular.

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Oh!  I feel like I finally see the light!  Guess I should have asked that first, huh :)  I feel like I have a much better idea of what to look for now.

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Does anyone have a recommendation for good soft shoes that come in larger sizes? My son has 5.5" feet at 17m and that usually is larger or about to grow out of the 18-24 month size that a lot of good soft shoes stop being made at. Seems like he is about a size 7 and everything I really want to buy seems to stop just short!

I would prefer the soft but structured shoes like:
SeeKai Run Smaller
But all these are now too small.

Over the just plain roobeez style, since this is for outdoor adventures, in the house they are nearly always barefoot.
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Livie and Luca's "Ferris" sneakers are my very favorite, hands-down, for my toddler (20 months).


Love love love.

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