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Bleeeding/spotting & waiting for callback

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Last night around 10p, I was drying my hair after my shower and had a small amount of bright red blood pour out of me.  I laid down right away and then it seemed to stop, with just a tiny bit of leftover spotting, so I didn't call the doctor.


I've been spotting ever since and just got a little crampy.  I called my doctor an hour ago & am waiting for them to call me back, but I'm so worried.


Please send some sticky vibes to my bean . . . we've been trying for 18 months and I'm 41 so I don't know how many more chances we might get.

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I'm thinking of you and your little one.  Hang in there.....

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Thanks.  I'm going in at 12:30 to get checked out.  I really really really hope we are OK.

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sticky baby dust to you! I hope everything is ok. Please update when you feel like you are able. 

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Sending you good thoughts, I had a plethora of bright red blood come out in one episode with my third pregnancy and everything wound up being OK.  Though, it was seriously worrisome and I wound up having to have an early ultrasound.

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Everything is OK.  They don't really know what happened, but the bean is still in there, heartbeat at 154 bpm and measuring right on at 7w4d.


The doctor basically said that unless the bleeding is heavy and doesn't stop, not to worry about it.


Thanks for the kind words & thoughts.

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That's great news! My heart skips a beat every time I hear of someone spotting - can't wait for us all to be to the 12 week mark!

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great news! I totally agree about looking forward to being at 12 weeks and in the safety zone!

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Seriously, these next 4 to 5 weeks are going to be the death of me with all this worrying!

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I'm so glad things are well for you! I worry when I don't feel sick, or when I have energy that something is wrong. It's a hard stage!

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So glad that everything went well!!!!

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I'm glad everything turned out ok!  

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That must be so reassuring seeing everything date right on and seeing the heartbeat!  That in itself reduces your chance of miscarriage!  Rest up and take it easy, so glad it was good news!

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