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Glad you were able to get an appointment Christina!


I'm pretty liberal about baby-proofing.  I have outlet covers on most of the outlets, all the chemicals are locked or up high and everything down low is okay for a baby to play with.  I figure if you can climb on to something, then it's probably okay.  Olivine was climbing on to our elevated counter by 14mo.  I'm pretty relaxed about that stuff in general.


I take all of my kids to restaurants all the time.  I've actually taken them out countless times by myself.  I don't think I've ever had to leave because a kid was acting up.  I try to make sure that it's a kid-friendly environment, my kids all want to be there and it will be relatively quick service.  We go to sushi-train quite often because it's quick.  My babies have all been fairly easy-going and love to be outside of the house, so I'm sure that helps.

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What do you ladies do about taking baby swimming or to splash parks, if you cloth diaper?

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Becky, we use cloth swim diapers. Ours just pull up and down like underwear but have really tight elastic.
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Yep, I totally jinxed myself last night.  It took 3 attempts, and Luca finally went down at 10 p.m. and stayed asleep.  Oddly enough, he only woke up to eat at midnight and not again til 6 a.m.  Yes, he technically slept through the night.  I got six hours of sleep in a row!!!  Thankfully, he slept another couple of hours after waking up this morning. 


I bought a package of swim dipes, used one, and I am pretty sure Luca has outgrown them.  We have several cloth swim dipes that people have given us.  Luca's papa is going to be taking him to swimming time soon, so hopefully something will fit.



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Becky, you can get a cloth swim diaper that is basically a cloth pull-up cover with super tight elastic to contain the poop.  It's not meant to contain the pee, so absorbency doesn't matter.  You can also just take the insert out of a pocket diaper and use that.  My only warning is that you don't want to do that too often b/c the chlorine in the water can damage your nice diapers.  Cloth swim diapers are pretty cheap at Target and other stores like that.  You might also find them used on Craig's List or www.diaperswappers.com.

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We are super busy over here trying to get everything done so we can sell our house and start traveling in mid July.  If you want to see my Facebook status updates regarding our bus, please like my new Facebook page (linked below).  This week my dh is going to finish up the few modifications we are making to the bus and we're going to get ready to have an estate sale in the next week or two.  There is so much to do that it's over-whelming!



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Thank you. :)

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We go to restaurants with the kids and they do well but we do pay when we order so if the kids get restless we can just go. One of us will go outside for a walk with the kids while we wait for our food too.  And we always tip extra since sometimes the kids can be messy.  


This weekend we took a bus to Seattle and went to see Edward's mom and a baseball game.  Edward is a Dodgers fan and they were playing the Mariners.  It was totally awesome, but I am really tired from holding Éowyn for pretty much 3 days straight.  She likes to get down and move and wasn't a fan of being in the Ergo all the time. I think if I had a carrier where she could face out she wouldn't mind as much.

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I am itching for Levi's mobility, just so he can entertain himself a bit more. It will be so nice to get more done. I just hope it doesn't mean he'll be at my feet, tugging at my pants the whole time. LOL

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Resturants~ I always try to bring baby Mum Mum snack's for him. He does pretty good in places and i usually bring a highchair cover. He will eat french fries, pieces of plain hamburger.

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I bought some teething biscuits and babyfood puree pouches to feed to Sora if/when we go out again. I will be prepared next time! Now, the teething is going to be another issue... This child is turning into a demon come 6pm at night. Doubtful that we'll even make it to a restaurant with her in this condition anytime soon! Sheepish.gif


It looks like she has decided to do everything at once this week. First teeth and new mobility! As I type this, she is butt-scooching backwards across the room. LOL! It's so funny looking! She's trying to pull herself up and is probably days, week or two tops, away from crawling.

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We are pretty lucky when we take the kids out. We have always gone out and about frequently and have never had to leave. At restaurants we all spend a lot of time interacting and keeping the baby busy, but even though she is very needy and cranky most of the time as long as we entertain her with food and toys we can stay seated at the table.

We have new mobility here too! B is getting up on her knees and elbows and scooting forward. I can see dull mobility being close and im hoping it brings independence for her, and perhaps the ability for me to do pretty much anything around the house....or perhaps find time to brush my hair.
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Oh man, Dylan is crazy mobile and it is actually more work, in my opinion!  He never sat in one place because by the time he could sit up he started army crawling as well.  So he never wanted to just sit!  I totally missed that phase.  Agh!  He crawls all over the house, and he is super fast so I have to keep an eye on him at all times or else he's licking a shoe or climbing in the dog's cage or headed for the toilet.  Ugh.  He is standing and cruising on his knees too, so he can topple over things if we're not careful.  But he still wants to be near me all the time, and isn't quite as mobile as he wants to be so he is not always happy.  He's usually whining because he can't get up where he wants or he can't get into things we don't want him to play with.  Oye vey.

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I feel like Avery is so behind!  I know every baby does their own thing in their own time and all, but he is no where near crawling or pulling up.  He sits up well, but still doesn't roll over and won't support his weight on his legs.  He's still in that jelly leg state.  He just turned 6 months so I'm not worried, but I would have thought he'd roll over by now.

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Avery's main mission in life is to make sure he throws you for a loop in EVERY aspect of birth and parenting thumb.gif


B is just a few weeks ahead of him and until a few days ago she was a total lump.  Could she roll over?  Sure.  Did she want to?  Not even a little.  She sits better than anything else. Aside from spinning herself in circles she never went anywhere until 2 days ago.  Sometimes she looked like she was going to consider being mobile, but then realized she didnt have to because her big sister will get pretty much anything for her.

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I feel like Levi is way behind too, Jaimee. He's getting a bit better at sitting up, but he's not doing much else. He is rolling everywhere and he's very smart though. I'm almost certain he knows that the baby in the mirror is really HIM. My other 2 didn't pay much attention. He notices the edge of the mirror and goes along it, as if he knows there's something different about it. I don't know. lol He sure is talking a lot. Mama, dada, baba, gaga. He actually said dada first and ONLY says it around Billy. :)

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I cant get Bettie to make a single sound!  She has not babbled at all, despite constantly being talked to.  Sometimes she lets out a high pitched scream, but she is mostly just silent aside from crying.  My ODD was talking a lot by this age, and was able to communicate her needs verbally, with sentences, pretty effectively by 8 months.  I know that is not exactly typical...but I did not expect to have a child so much on the opposite end of the spectrum.


I feel a little like I compare B and her older sister too much eyesroll.gif  Its a habit I need to get a hold of quickly.  ODD is gifted and just...not typical.  She has always been very much "older" than she should, and is one of the most mature/responsible/intellectual kids in her class despite having started school a year early and being the youngest.  I can already tell B will be differnt.

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Greta still isn't crawling. She rolls pretty much anywhere she wants to go and is pretty close to army crawling. Well, she wants to be anyway if she could just put it together. Every time I think she is finally going to push herself forward, she'll just roll over instead, then get mad because that didn't get her where she wanted to go. She is able to sit up on her own, but won't stay still long enough to stay in that position for long. She's learned to fall pretty gracefully though! She pushes up on her arms and pulls her knees under her, but not at the same time. She is no where near pulling up or cruising though. She just started putting weight on her legs with my help and prefers to jump, not stand. 

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Avery's main mission in life is to make sure he throws you for a loop in EVERY aspect of birth and parenting thumb.gif


I guess so!

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First trip to the emergency room. Shay found the cord on some blinds that I didn't realize we had. I reached up to take them down and they fell on his eye. I think his cornea is scratched and his eyelid is definitely cut so we are going in.

It's more than an hour drive. He is sleeping now with one arm swaddled so he can't rub his eye. :-(
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