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Madi--if the Ergo is really old (2007 or older), then the checklist might not be accurate. After some digging, mine appears to be "real" after all, a 1st gen after which the fakes were modeled. So ask how old it is at least before making a decision. I'm not that super worried about mine since it has held up and probably is one of the original ones. But i don't want anyone else to get taken by the fakes.

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The one I am after is an ergo sport. I think those are fairly new right?
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Our local LLL group sells Ergos for a fundraiser (they are an authorized retailer) and if any of you are still interested and missed this deal, I know you can still get one! They can't advertise them for lower than retail, but often will sell for 20% to 25% off if you contact them personally.  www.llloflogan.blogspot.com . Right now we're low in stock, but if we get enough interest, we'll totally order one specifically for you. We have to order at least 5 at a time.  

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and the facebook page www.facebook.com/llloflogan

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good to know, thanks!
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Originally Posted by MadiMamacita View Post

The one I am after is an ergo sport. I think those are fairly new right?
yes...should be. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Monkey Keeper View Post

Here is a pretty comprehensive discussion of how to spot a counterfeit Ergo. Sadly, there are a lot of them out there, and there is no guarantee that they are safe. Plus, you're getting ripped off if you pay real Ergo prices for a fake! 




Hmm.. so mine came today, and has a lot of the signs of a counterfeit model listed on that site. Anyone else?


ETA: Seeing reports of this on other sites, too. Contacted the site to request info re: return and full refund, and told them if I didn't hear from them within 48 hours I'll initiate a chargeback with the credit card company.

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Oh, I'm so upset if that's the case. Haven't gotten my mail yet... :/
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This is another good post:



I'm sorry you guys may have gotten fakes :(   If I were you, I think I'd call Ergo themselves and ask if they sold through that site. Maybe they are factory 2nds but still usable? It would be good to have that information from Ergo themselves, I think, if you dispute the charge.

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Fakes, per Ergo: https://www.facebook.com/ergobaby/posts/380038608711021?notif_t=share_comment


(Wanted to say- still grateful to goin' green for sharing the link! Too bad 'Daily Steal' turned out to be literal, but it would've been an awesome deal.)

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Wow, I'm just checking in here because i'm bored and I'm shocked that there are FAKE Ergos out there. That's crazy. I just ran upstairs to check mine LOL. It is legit. It has all the 'right' things that a real ERGO should have. It's actually the one that is pictured as the real one on the ebay site, the pink one with the flowers.

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If you follow the facebook discussion thread, Ergobaby changes their stance from "confirmed counterfeit" to "we can't verify the authenticity". So at least according to that thread, it is not certain if the dailysteal ergos are counterfeit or not.

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Argg. I bought my ergo, which I thought was gently used, from ebay about 1.5 years ago and have been using it all the time since. I hadn't even heard about the counterfeit stuff until this post but just confirmed with an Ergo rep that it is indeed a fake. Poop. On the one hand, I did get it for a good price (~$60-70) and have definitely gotten my money's worth but I don't trust it to hold up so I'll be replacing it - maybe with another Ergo, maybe with a Boba. I want something that will work for DD (2yrs) and baby. 

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I think mine is real!


I got my Ergo from dailysteals.com in the mail today.  I'm comparing it right now to the link given to spot a fake... this carrier I got has the logo on the zipper pull (sign of a *real* Ergo), it has the same style of big buckle (another sign of a *real* Ergo) and on the list for the biggest give-away if the Ergo is fake is looking at the warning label location (and if it's in multiple languages).  The one I got has the proper-looking warning label in the proper location.....


Everything actually appears to be legit.  From looking at the list in the link given, I have EVERY reason to believe the carrier I got is LEGIT!!!




I left it in the box, unopened for most of the day because I was too upset to even look!

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Awesome, Judy!! I know you were so excited about finally getting one, so very cool that it can stick around. :) Mine, you can tell they fixed some of the tells from the eBay list, but with the more updated list that Monkey Keeper posted it's still fishy. On the bright side, Dailysteals got back to me within a day, apologized, and sent me a prepaid label to return it for a refund, so no harm done.

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Gah.  There goes all my elation. 


I only looked at one of the 'how to spot a fake' sites.  I didn't see the one Monkey Keeper linked at first.  And... mine's not real. 


Now I just kind of want to cry :(  (in my hormonal misery it just makes me so, so sad..... like.... unbelievably sad... more than I should be).


Because, of course, I have the grey with the stars, exactly like the post in the comparison shots.  And... damnit.  I'd swear more but will refrain.


I need to go eat dinner.  Not sure I'm ready to face the music on my fake yet.

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I feel like such a bubble burster :(  I'm so sorry you guys.

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I got my Ergo used (from another mama on MDC). I've loaned it out to a friend, or I would check.

I don't think I'll be upset if it's fake, though -- it has been an *awesome* carrier for me for the past 2 years. It was $60 plus shipping for sure I've gotten my money's worth out of it. I mean, if I see any signs of wear and tear, I won't use it, but I don't think it's going to spontaneously combust -- you can just tell that it's well-made.
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I don't know -- reading some of the comments on the "how to spot a fake" blog posts -- it sounds like if the differences are just color of the logo and stitching thread that they may just be factory seconds and/or for distribution in other international markets. I'm disappointed that Ergo is made in China, but if you got over 50% off for different colored thread, I don't think that's the end of the world. There's a big difference to me in something made in the same factory with the same materials by the same people and a fake-fake made in someone's basement.

Anyway, hugs to the mamas who were disappointed with their purchase greensad.gif
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The reason I won't use mine anymore  (well, after this trip, I'm currently away from home and will need to use it in the airport today unless I want to fight a toddler who didn't get a nap on a plane -which I don't smile.gif) is because my main "tell" was the buckle. It didn't have those extra pieces which I think probably do make a safety difference. The only other thing wrong was the lack of a tag inside the hood. It had the right zipper pull, warning label and everything else. If it did have the right buckle, I probably would keep using it but I keep thinking of my toddler sleeping on my back 3 days ago as I went up a huge subway escalator - if it had snapped, I'm not sure how I would have gotten her safely down and that freaks me out a bit. 

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