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I don't know -- reading some of the comments on the "how to spot a fake" blog posts -- it sounds like if the differences are just color of the logo and stitching thread that they may just be factory seconds and/or for distribution in other international markets. I'm disappointed that Ergo is made in China, but if you got over 50% off for different colored thread, I don't think that's the end of the world. There's a big difference to me in something made in the same factory with the same materials by the same people and a fake-fake made in someone's basement.
Anyway, hugs to the mamas who were disappointed with their purchase greensad.gif

This is a good point- those comments were food for thought for me too. Judy, did you see them, on the post that Monkey Keeper shared? They may really be okay.. I'm just 'one of those', not willing to give these people my money for something they were dishonest about or didn't investigate thoroughly--that kind of thing just pisses me off, and it's apparently not the first time that site has done something similar. I'm just as happy to take the refund and get a used Ergo off Craigslist, where I can at least look the person in the eye and check the merchandise out myself before handing over the cash.

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Hyde and BRC -- I agree completely. A different buckle would bother me very much! And I think refusing to pay on principle is great, too -- they're not going to stop doing this kind of thing unless lots of consumers complain.
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