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 Duh! duh.gif Seriously...is anyone else progressively becoming more brain dead; worse than preggo-brain as time goes on. I figure it must be from mild sleep deprivation that is compounded over time or something. I just feel like I can't think straight sometimes. dizzy.gif


Yes! It is horrible. I can't think of words, simple words, sometimes. Forget appointments and making important phone calls. Thank goodness my boobs are attached to my chest, otherwise I am pretty sure I would leave the house without milk for Nora on a regular basis. 

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ummm, guess who forgot to pay the mortgage this month... oops. i would say i'm dealing with some pp brain issues myself, otherwise i'm justing getting dumber with age :(


collin has his first cold, and he's so sad.  he spent all day today nursing and napping, just 20 minutes here and there, so it's been a slow day at our house today. he keeps spiking a fever, but so far, nothing over 101, so i'm hoping he's not feeling too miserable. mom came over for a bit and i managed to get dinner in the crockpot so we can have real food when i get home from work this evening.  dh keeps the kids while i work, but he's not quite up to cooking and daddy-ing at the same time ;) i'm enjoying a quite moment as dd is at her friends house and ds is down for what is likely another short nap ... now, to get dressed for work 

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I got the 6 week bleeding thing with dd2 and this dd.  It lasted for about a week and it SEEMED like a period in terms of heaviness but I doubt it was.  Now, there is no bleeding or anything and I am pad free at 7 weeks pp! woohoo! :)

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re: bleeding- Yep, I've had the 6 week bleed before. Fortunately I seem to be almost done at 1 month pp this time.

re: brain dead- I was soooo brain dead my last trimester, I don't think it could have been any worse. Started feeling clarity the moment Em was born, now it's just a simple matter of having 25 things to keep track of at any given time.

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Had my 6 week follow up tonight. Mw seems to think its a period. She said you can ovulate soon after baby's born, and then not for months after that. It kinda makes sense to me, I did have what felt like ovulation pain and egg white cervical mucus last week...I'm hyper aware of these things as I was charting to conceive for a year before I got pg with Holden. Eeeeeks! Good thing we haven't had sex yet!
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We had our six week follow up with our midwives yesterday. Nora weighed in at a healthy 13lbs 11oz! :) It was pretty laid back and chit chatty at the appointment since all is well with Nora and me. I was bummed to find out that WI state law has changed and I cannot have my well care with our midwives but have to switch to a CNM who works in a OB/GYN group. Here is a shot of Nora visiting with our midwife who caught her:


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love the photo of Nora and the midwife.



Dayle, yep on 6 week bleeding and ovulating once after baby to not ovulate later. I am also hyper aware of what's going on and knew that I did ovulate...ND THAT i SUPER WANTED TO DO IT, WHICH IS WHY WE DIDN'T. lol


sorry caps lock.

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kai- i love the picture! I miss my mw and am in an area not mw friendly so it is sad. Nora is adorable


thursday- the capslock made me laugh


day- yeah, I did that but no break, back to regular ovulating. glad we havent had sex either lol. DD will not be put down so I cannot actually do anything away from her, including sex. still trying to figure that out.


chiro- baby coughs are the worse! you are always so busy and on top of things!


brain dead- um yes, doesnt help that we moved and are in a new place.  driving around and trying to find things is crazy.  DD screams in the car so we are working up to getting out any place farther than ten minutes if I am the only grown up.  Luckily, we can walk to a playground and the library so other than groceries, it is at least somewhat functional.  Not so great for play dates though :(


sorry about not being very active here!  About ovulating....um yep I am back to regular periods ugh.  I thought I was ovulating and then I started my period a few days ago.  So annoying. I got it back at 11 or 12 weeks with DS and this time I was at 10 weeks. I was really looking forward to a break bah.  I had the six week bleeding again around 7 weeks and then this time which is definitely a period and just dumb.  I don't quite feel like wearing the diva cup yet, um sometimes my pelvic floor just feels achy by the end of the day. I am trying to do kegels.  DD is very particular about needing to be worn a lot...as in for any sleeping other than when I go to bed at night.  She also only likes the moby wrap which is HOT! I tried my mei tai, a sling, and my beco and she would not have it.  I am burning up here in NC so I ordered a bali breeze wrap and cannot wait for it to come in.  She was around 11lbs at 8 weeks and is definitely more now at 10weeks so my body is feeling it by the end of the day.  I honestly just want a little bit of time where she sleeps without me.  I know it will come, some days are just harder than others.  I think my biggest issue with it is that DH doesnt really have a time to be with her because when he comes home from worrk she is in the fussy/nurse needing to sleep part and she will not fall asleep in the wrap with anyone other than me.  I won't be carrying my teenager  in a wrap at her graduation right?!?  :)

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flavorful, where in NC? My sister is in belmont and I will be up there end of august

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I'm an NCer too - up in the mountains. Thus my very creative screenname... ;)

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About thirty minutes thursday, we will have to coordinate! Nc mama, if it is asheville area that isnt that far either right?
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If you're in the Asheville area, that's only about an hour from me. And I love any excuse to go to Asheville, anyway! It would be great to meet up!

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kbochniak lives up there too, I think we should have a meet up, I LOVE meeting DDC friends.

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Awww! Anyone wanna come up North to see us Albertans? smile.gif I wish I could go to North Carolina! Or Florida for that matter! Fun!
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Daylicious, come down to Calgary and hang out with Tula and I!  It's the 100 year anniversary of the Stampede - that's a good excuse, isn't it?

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Oooh! That would be fun! I doubt I could convince my hubs to go for the stampede though. He's a giant stick in the mud when it comes to crowds. We are planning a trip to Calgary this summer at some point though, my cousin and her husband live there and we're going to visit them. I should message you when we have a plan hammered out smile.gif
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I was just in Edmonton 2 weeks ago! I decided it would be fun to take 4 children to West Ed....Uhh...not so much!!!


If you come down, let me know too!! I would love to meet up with you(and Jenny!)



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I'm going to be driving down through the US next Fall with my family- 3 weeks in a motorhome! :) Going from Montana, down through Salt Lake, across to Vegas and then to Anaheim and up the West coast....anyone along that path??? :D

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daylicious, I'll be in edmonton in August for my BIL's wedding! I'm not sure how much free time we'll have but we should try to work something out!

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Tula: 4 kids, plus west Ed! You are one brave lady!

Tara: that would be so neat! Let me know if you have time smile.gif
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