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Anyone nursing?

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How is it going?  Pain yet?  Supply?


My nipple pain comes and goes, but it is not too terrible at all yet.  I nursed DD1 throughout my pregnancy with DD2 and tandem nursed for almost a year.  I remember the discomfort very vividly... even more than labor.... Hoping DD2 will continue though.  It was really nice to share that.


Supply has really tanked though.  I don't know if she is really getting anything at all anymore.  Happened this way with DD1... my supply was gone before my BFP.... this time it is slowly decreasing, but not much there.

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I only nurse my DS occasionally(maybe 1-2x a week), but my nipples are SO tender. My DD and DS both like to grab them while going to sleep and I just want to scream, it hurts SO badly. I haven't had a problem with nursing, but touching is awful.

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I'm still nursing my 25 month old about 4 or 5 (brief!) times a day, when I'm home.  When I'm gone or we're out in public I have no issues turning down his requests and he always responds well to a snack or a drink instead.  I haven't had any pain yet, but may just wean him if I do.  I don't have super strong feelings about nursing much longer, and he is used to taking cow's milk from a cup for 24+ hours since I worked this whole last year. 


Basically, we'll see what happens.  I am definitely trying to cherish what may be his last few weeks or months of nursing.

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I'm still nursing my 18-month-old. He's been sick for the past couple of days, so he's been nursing a lot more than usual lately. I'm not experiencing much soreness yet, but we'll see. I hope to continue for as long as he's still interested. Tandem nursing seems like it'd be a great experience, though surely not an easy one.

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i am still nursing my 20 mo old, and occasionally my 4 year old (like once or twice a week) ..


my 20 mo old has been very squirmy the past few days, my supply is pretty low, but there and my breasts/nipples have started to get sore..  not looking forward to this part! I've nursed through my last 2 pregnancies.. 

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I'm not this time around, but nursed my older son when pregnant til about 8 months along when my supply plummeted after a stomach flu and he weaned. I was sad! I had kept my supply up by eating oatmeal everyday and drinking a ton of water. I remember the nipple pain vividly and feel for all of you!

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I'm still nursing my 20 month-old about 3 or 4 times a day - first thing in the morning, before nap, and before bed (and sometimes once a night if he wakes up). So far I don't have any nipple soreness but I'm thinking of gradually cutting back the nursing to just once or twice a day until hopefully he and I wean before my milk dries up. I'd like to have a "break" from nursing before the new baby comes, but I will miss our nursing days together, as it's always been mutually happy. We'll see how the next few months go... 

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Still nursing here, too. Ian (18 months) is very attached, but I am sloooowly trying to cut back a bit. I would like to wean soon.. My supply has dropped a LOT, which is frustrating for him. He still nurses probably 4-5 times a day and a whole bunch at night. :/ I'm really done. I nursed DS1 all through my pregnancy with DS2, horrible pain and no milk, and then once DS2 was born, DS1 decided he was done nursing (didn't like all the milk in there).. so it felt kind of like a waste to me... I guess it wasn't, but I was hoping to possibly tandem and that was why I held on so long. Plus, I didn't want to "damage" him by weaning.. but he happily weaned and never looked back. I would really like a break between nurslings, so I am hoping to wean Ian within the next few months.

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i'm still nursing my 1.5 yo. mostly just to sleep. i have no sensitivity yet, but it's going to show up eventually

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Im still nursing my 20 month old.  Seems like theres been a drop in my supply but that hasn't really slowed him down!  No pain so far!

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I'm still nursing my 1 year old around the clock...I would really like to night-wean, do you think she'll naturally night-wean if my supply starts to drop?  That's what I'm hoping for...

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I'm nursing my almost 9 month old. I was hoping to nurse him till 18 months, as that was my favorite weaning time out of all my boys so far, but I think I'll aim for 12 months now that I'm pregnant. I nursed my first and got pregnant when he was 7 months old. I kept losing weight and being depressed, so I weaned him at 12 months. I was afraid the baby inside was missing out on nourishment. I did gain weight after that. My 2nd born nursed for 18 months, and it was perfect. My 3rd nursed for 2 years, and it was a very difficult weaning. He begged for almost a year after that for me to nurse him, and he tried to get any other women that held him to nurse him. :)

I don't think I want to tandem nurse, so to make it easier on my littlest guy, I think I'll wean at 12 months, or soon after. That way he won't be jealous of when the baby nurses. Plus, he sleeps with us, and I'd like to move him into his brothers' room before baby is born, since the baby will be in with us. 

We will see. :) I guess I have 9 months to figure it all out.

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I am nursing my almost 7 month old. My supply has already gone down a bit, but not too bad. My nipples are slightly sore and more sensitive, but it is nothing I can't handle.

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I'm still nursing my 22 month old, AT LEAST 10 times per day. We just officially found out tonight though, so I haven't noticed anything yet. I'd like to continue throughout the pregnancy, but I was already getting a little worn out from nursing so much, so I'm going to have to get my DD to cut back to a few times per day once the sore nipples return :(

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I am still nursing my 14 month old. I really haven't noticed any changes (maybe i am a teeny tiny bit sore, but i may be imagining it). He is not and has never been a super-nursy baby though, so it is maybe 2-3 times.a day and 1-2 at night at the very most. I.do think it would be fun to tandem nurse though.
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I started night-weaning and my supply has dropped significantly.  I didn't expect that.  I was planning on tandem but I'm not sure my body is in agreement! 

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DD is nursing 3 times a day right now.  She was nursing much more at the start of my last pregnancy (I had a 10 week miscarriage about 3 months ago now), and we had to cut back significantly due to nipple pain during that pregnancy.  She did really well with cutting back to three nursings though.  We started by limiting any during the day nursing to 10 seconds on each side (she was at a stage where she really was into counting), and she quickly dropped all of her nursings but the morning, nap and night ones (which I didn't limit).  We'll still occasionally do a 10 second nurse during the day if she really needs it, and usually I'm the one to offer when I see she's really feeling upset or insecure about something.  I am hoping we'll slowly wean during the next 9 months, since I don't feel up to tandem nursing.  Even if she doesn't wean completely I don't think it will be hard to get down to one or two shorter nursings a day, and I would be comfortable with that.

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Oh I was also going to say that my first clue I was pregnant (last time) was that DD suddenly started eating more solids!  My supply dropped pretty quickly and drastically.  

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Still nursing my 25 m old and trying to wean her gently bc it hurts!
Ps Rachie: my daughter has same bday as yours...were you in the May 2010 DDC?
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Originally Posted by OrchideZ View Post

Still nursing my 25 m old and trying to wean her gently bc it hurts!
Ps Rachie: my daughter has same bday as yours...were you in the May 2010 DDC?

Nope, wasn't really too involved in Mothering then.  But that's awesome that they share a birthday!

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