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I'm still nursing my 28 month old and am really ready to start weaning. I'm getting a bit sore, but he is a crazy toddler nurser & just isn't very still while nursing. I'm hoping my supply will slow down a bit & he'll loose interest. He night nurses ALL NIGHT LONG...seriously, it is like having a newborn. I think I will be sad if he completely stops though. I'm a hypocrit:)

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Nursing my 8 month old. One of my first clues I was pregnant was the supply dip. I am going to keep nursing her as much as possible and drink tons of water so I can bring it back to what she's used to - or I will at least try. I want to make it to her 1st birthday. She's not consuming a lot of solids, so I don't know if I should up that, so she's getting enough, or nurse her more to make more milk.


Glad to see I am not the only one with a younger nursling!


I nursed my son through the first couple months of my second pregnancy and weaned due to pain and lack of milk. He weaned at 15 months.

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Katrina - supply/demand doesnt really apply during pregnancy :( you may have a few weeks to boost supply but once the placenta takes over it is really working against you as far as your milk supply goes..some women can maintain their supply, but increasing it during pregnancy is pretty unlikely ..   just watch your baby and make sure you're seeing enough wet diapers - esp with it being summer, dehydration is a concern if your supply drops too much.

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Right now I seem to be ok - I am making less, but still producing enough. I think I really need to work on her solids. It makes me a little sad, but if I can keep up another 3 1/2 months that will be well worth it.

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Nursing my nearly 26 month old and it's getting harder and harder. I keep telling her that milky is going bye bye and she is a big girl. She still tries and tries, wakes through the night to nurse. It's exhausting. I am hoping she weans soon bc I would like my boobs to myself for a bit at least.
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I'm still nursing my nearly 22-month-old. She nurses a lot, too, especially at night. I've thought more than once about night weaning, but don't have the heart for it right now. If I'm even just a little too slow getting the boob out, day or night, she dissolves into hysterical weeping and is so hard to console. So far the discomfort is minimal, and I haven't noticed any supply change, but we'll see how that goes. I'd love to tandem nurse, but also really want to night wean before the new baby comes, and probably get Caitlin sleeping in her own bed before then.


We're thinking about putting a twin mattress by her toddler bed to encourage her to sleep there, maybe starting next month, and then I'm hoping that will encourage her to sleep more, nurse less at night. I'm also hoping it will allow me to move back into my own bed before baby comes so we can cosleep in there without a toddler.

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This is probably a dumb question, but how can you tell if your supply is diminishing? My ds (14.5 months now) still nurses about as often as before (which admittedly isn't all that much). He eats a LOT of regular food (whatever we do) and i try to have a sippy cup.of water or milk around. Should i be pushing.more milk (my dd was the opposite regarding nursing. She was big into it..him, not so much)? I suppose it isn't a huge big deal either way, but i am curious as he hasn't changed his.patterns at all.
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My little guy was much fussier and often unhappy at the end of each nursing. He started to *demand* solid food but whatever he's given he doesn't like. I think that is just the way his hunger was manifesting itself. I really don't want to push solids when he doesn't like them, so I've been supplementing with homemade goat milk formula. I hate to supplement, but the little guy's hungry. He's still nursing just as much as before.

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I'm nursing my 23 month old and am due Feb 1.  She is really really attached and any time we try to night wean it ends up being a disaster.   I've just learned to accept it and want to tandem nurse anyways.  Hopefully by the time the baby is here she will be night weaned but now is just not the time to try.

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I tandem nursed the girls for just under a year. It was great and hard at times. I am planning on letting dd2 lead the way. My milk dries up right away and dd2 isnstill going strong. I night weaned her 2 weeks ago and it is still a little rough. The past 2 nights though, she has slept through. I don't mind tandem nursing, but I really don't want 2 nursing at night (unless we are surprised by twins).....
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Just wanted to share an update on my nursing status: I completely weaned my 21 mo son about three weeks ago. I wasn't planning on doing it so quickly, but we took a trip abroad to visit family and the complete change of scenery/routine led to a very natural and painless weaning opportunity. He noticed his cousin (the same age) drinking milk out of a cup or sippy very often and I started replacing our nursing sessions with whole milk in a cup. He took to that very well, and though he asked for nursing a few times I just explained to him that mama's milk went bye-bye and he can drink "milk cup" instead. I was a little shocked how smooth the whole transition went, and it has been a relief to have a break from nursing before this next little one arrives. I do sometimes get nostalgic thinking about our nursing days, but he's doing so well and never asks for it now, so I feel it was the right move at the right time. 

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We weaned a few weeks ago as well. Ian was getting SO frustrated because my milk dried up, so he actually cut back a lot on nursing just because there was no milk so he was eating more solids... I just started telling him that it was "all gone" while he was crying/screaming while nursing.. He finally stopped asking after a month or so.

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Still nursing here - no plans on stopping. Dd is 21 months old. With DS he nursed during my pregnancy & then I tandemed nursed for another 6 months. DS weaned when he turned 3. I was one of those very rare women where I only had a small dip in supply & my milk stayed almost until the end & then I had colstrum.

It's really important to me that I nurse my kids for 2 years - so we will keep on trucking.
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Still nursing here - no plans on stopping. Dd is 21 months old. With DS he nursed during my pregnancy & then I tandemed nursed for another 6 months. DS weaned when he turned 3. I was one of those very rare women where I only had a small dip in supply & my milk stayed almost until the end & then I had colstrum.
It's really important to me that I nurse my kids for 2 years - so we will keep on trucking.

Yep I am in the same boat. In December my daughter turns 3 so she is about 31 months or so now. I plan to keep breastfeeding through pregnancy to the best of my ability. It did hurt at first but I have noticed its much better now. Hope thats good news for anyone having pain now while nursing. I think if my daughter is still nursing she's needing it and I want her to wean when she is good and ready. :) If I lose my milk well then I have no contorl but till then we'll go strong. Seems I have had an increase in milk just recently. We only nurse 1-3 times a day right now. :) All is good so far.

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Ds is nursing less these days (than pre bfp anyway), but there is still milk there (yesterday afternoon i was actually engorged on one side b/c he skipped the middle of the night and morning). I am really torn though because i don't want to wean him until he is ready, yet the fact that i am having twins makes me really want to wean him and devote all my bodies resources into growing those babies. So we will see and i will.probably ask my dr about it at my next appointment (i.did see something on lll about the situation, which said it was doable, but it still makes me nervous)
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just decided to bite the bullet and join this group, which is kinda like admitting this is gonna happen.  I'm nursing my 14.5 month old 3x a day, on demand, but she's not a big nurser.  i expect to nurse her til about the 7th or 8th month, when she quits, and if she's like my last 2, have her join back in once my milk comes in.  but she may wean and be done in the next few months.  i'm okay with that.  number 5 is due at the end of February (if little one is anything like all his/her tardy siblings, and hopefully not later) and I nursed through pregnancies 3 & 4 with only slight discomfort.  I loved tandem nursing once the baby was born and all my little ones became very close in the sharing.....


I wouldn't mind weaning so more resources could go to baby, but I also don't want to deal w/ engorgement, so actually encourage 2x a day feedings just to keep the pressure off. 

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I am still nursing my freshly-three-year-old for a few minutes, about twice a day. It's hurting less than in the first few weeks...I thought for sure I was going to have to cut him off, it was so painful! I'm hoping he will decide to give up the milkies before the little brother or sister arrives. My supply has definitely gone down, though my boobs feel fuller.

ps-- so glad to have remembered Mothering and joined this group...Babycenter was really bumming me out :)

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How is everyone doing? My nipppe sensitivity has come back and my breast tissue is pretty sore for the first time in years.... strange.

Dd wants to nurse morning, nap, night.... sometimes in between, but super short unless she is falling asleep.
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Still nursing my 22 mo DD, she's super attached to me and milks. We still pretty much nurse on demand, though this past month I know my milk supply has decreased, just trying to keep up with my water intake so it doesn't disappear as I hope to tandem. Night nursing is rough bc it's always around 4 am she cries and screams for milk if I don't give it to her right away. So may try to night wean soon, which isn't at all what I want. No one is sleeping good, but her, and it's incredibly exhausting, she wants to stay latched from 4am until she wakes up around 7-8 and I can't.do.that!
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I night weaned DD2 about 2 months ago and I am really glad.  She was pretty easy, I just said the milk came out when the sun did.... she complained for a few days, but then she would ask and go straight back to bed.  She still asks about 2 days a week, but goes straight to bed when I say no.  I don't mind tandem nursing, but I do not want to nurse 2 at night.  I night wean early so there is no hard feelings toward the baby getting milk at night.

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