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Adaline'sMama, do you like Juniper? It has the 'p' sound from Calliope and June as a nickname, if you like that. No pressure, just totally lurking and thought of it smile.gif

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i had a friend named juniper, i always thought her name was so beautiful!

i am also fond of the name jasper.

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I do like Juniper!

I wonder if DH would go for that- He's a landscaper, so he might not want to name his kids after plants, IDK. 

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I've never been crazy about Juniper for a boy, but it would make a really nice girl's name.  And re: the lyrics to "Oh My Darling Clementine," did you find the version where it ends with "but I kissed her little sister and forgot my Clementine" LOL.  Yeah, I LOVE the sound of the name Clementine - it has such a nice ring to it, but the song is so unfortunate.  

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LOVE Molly, Mila and Juniper. My favorite girl's name is June but even if we were having a girl we wouldn't use it cuz it's little too close to Jean (my name). I also have a soft spot for Jasper, because he was my cat (RIP), and I think it's a cute name for a human, too.


So now that we know we're having a boy we can narrow down our list a little. But honestly nothing is really sticking with me. It's hard to come up with a third boy's name!! We've sort of decided on a middle name of William, after my beloved great uncle who passed away a few years ago. I still like Lou so we'll see.

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oh I love Molly Rose too.

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There are so many great names on here. Holly, Calliope and Adaline are fantastic so I'm sure you'll find something great for their sister.


I love, love, love June. And Junia and Juniper and Julia and Jude. But seeing as we have a Judah, I will never use any of those as first names. Oh well...there's so many lovely names out there, most of which I'll have to come to terms with hearing on other people rather than my own kids. :)


Also, both my mother and MIL are named Sheryl, so a part of me really wants to use that as a middle name. But I just don't love the name, though the people are great. I almost feel guilty for NOT using it on my first daughter though, since how often do you get a chance to honor both moms at once??

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I thought I had posted this already! But we decided on our baby's name!


Talley Morgan (both family names) =D

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What do you guys think of Luna Marie?  DH came up with it and has decided it "feels right".  I'm not sure how I feel about it, but how can you argue with a "feeling"? orngtongue.gif  Our other choices were: Amelia, Hazel, Lucy, or Alice

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Adaline just "felt right" and it still does. 


Personally, my middle name is Marie, and I dont like it because about half of my friends have that same middle name. I dont know how popular it still is as a middle name, but at one point it seemed like every child had the middle name Marie or Ann. I love Luna though! Adaline's original middle name was Mae, which I still may use, but what do you think of Luna Mae?




Also, I love, love, love Lucy and Alice. 

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I love Luna! My cousin's little girl is Luna Koralei :)

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juniper/june is one of my favorites, but a friend had a baby a month ago and named her june so i'd feel weird about it.


luna isn't my style (not a bad name by any means), but i think all the other choices are great! i especially like lucy and alice.

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I do like Mae but it's my grandma's middle name so half of my cousins have that as a middle name.  I love Alice, but our last name is Ferris and I'm worried the ends of the names sound to similar.  Oh well, we've got 19 weeks to figure it out love.gif

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I LOVE Ferris and have tried to get DH to name a girl that forever. Im so jealous that it's your last name!

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iamkate-- I went to highschool with a Kate Ferris. ;)

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iamkateiam, Amelia or Hazel go best with Ferris imho. Isn't it annoying that we have to take last names into consideration!? My kids have my husband's last name (my choice) and it's pretty anglo sounding and also "strong" and some names just don't go well with it. If the kids took my name (which is a very confusing Polish name) it would be even harder.

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What's funny is that after I married DH and got to be a Ferris, one of my uncles and one of my cousins married Kates.  Now there are two Kates with my maiden name that I no longer have!  It still weirds me out when I get emails from the Kates with my maiden name.  orngtongue.gif

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hehe so funny! my niece is named Kathryn, so there are two Kathryn/Catherine E-----'s in our family. ;) I go by Catie though, so it isn't too confusing.


and yes, our last name is hard too.. not terribly hard, but definitely can't just go with any name. My maiden name was Green, ANYTHING goes with that! lol

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our last names thankfully sound nice together (both germanic names) and we are going 'untraditional' with his being first and mine being second. my SO actually suggested that because it's alphabetical not realizing hyphenated names traditionally have the man's name last...but honestly it sounds better and it's what i wanted because i like my last name the best, so i'm glad i didn't have to even fight for it! haha! he did have some second thoughts when he mentioned it to some of his more traditional coworkers not realizing it wasn't the norm and some of them had really disproportionate HORRIFIED reactions, but i was like....give me a break who cares what they think, it's OUR kid.


anyway, the one issue is that both our last names start with the letter "K" so basically ALL K names for first or middle were OUT lest we want an unfortunate combination of initials.

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We appear to be having a girl love.gif - girl names are so hard!!  I like feminine sounding, not too out-there, but not too common, names.  I like names like Olivia, Sophia, etc but they are getting to be too common for me these days.  Here are a few 'maybes'... but I am open to suggestions if anyone has any that flow with what we seem to like...?  Back to the name book this weekend!


Clara (the front runner right now I think)






I seem to be drawn to names that end in 'a' but am not set on that as a requirement.