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just think.. in a few weeks (or less!) we will have a new thread with all the babies and their OFFICIAL names/stats, etc... =D

it's such an amazing thing to think about. it's funny that i joined this group in july, and i've never met any of you, but this group feels so close. pregnancy is such an intimate and incredible process!

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I started to share name idea with friends in the first little while and then got opinions but really it wasn't helpful so we've been silent on that front ever since. Now have two lists at this point for boy or girl and are thinking we'll try out names when we meet out LO and see what sticks. Has anyone else approached naming this way? 

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Yes, we always wait three days before deciding. It drives everyone nuts, but it's become a fun tradition for us. We usually end up with something we never would have thought of. 

This time it was our 8yo that named our newest. We were going to go with Theodore Ray, but when our 8yo said he was hoping for Joel Walker... it just was the perfect name for him. That's what stuck, and he's the first boy to have his own name with no family history to it.

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Joel Walker is an awesome name and that's cool your 8 year old named him! Although, I'm partial because my oldest is Walker (who we call Wally most of the time).


Today my stepmom requested (nicely) that if this boy is born on her birthday on the 28th that we include an extra middle name for him that's a family name for her. And I'm so braindead that I can't remember what it is! Only that it starts with M (possible Men...) and is Jewish. I told her we'd do it :).

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Typebug- that's exactly what I did last time around. We had three choices for each sex. We ended up with a girl and it was 3 days before we told anyone so we could make sure it fit. It actually was the 3rd choice on our list but fits her perfectly (Aurora). This time we have only 2 name choices for each sex that we've agreed on and we will probably follow the same technique.

Sweetestday- I love the name Joel Walker!! Your 8 year old chose well!