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Where's my energy!

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I remember the 2nd trimester being full of energy and spunk but this time around, I'm starting to lose hope that I will ever have energy again! I'm 15.5 weeks today so I've been waiting a few weeks but to no avail eyesroll.gif  For those that are further along, what has your experience been like? And similarly... will my, ugh, drive ever come back?! I miss the intimacy but DTD still feels like what a food aversion was like to me :(   Poor DP! Thanks, ladies!

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I'm feeling the same by late afternoon.  I had a huge energy surge with the first but being pregnant with our son (#2) and now #3, I didn't get that at all.  But the ability to take naps when I needed them (with our first pregnancy) is out the window because I have two kids to run after now.  It just doesn't happen.  So I am adjusting my nighttime routine and slowing it down significantly and going to bed early.  Like no later than 8:30PM.  More sleep at night is helping....maybe try that?

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I'm 17 weeks and still would love to take a nap most day but I'm okay if I don't. I remember with DS that I still enjoyed naps 2nd and 3rd trimester but they didn't seem AS necessary. I'm expecting to be dragging a little for the rest of my pregnancy and then for the sleep depravation for a few months afterwards. BUT THEN (as in next spring then) I'm going to feel energized and rested FINALLY. winky.gif


And in 2-3 years? Wow, I'm going to be done having babies and I'll sleep through the night a least a couple nights a week! That will be AWESOME!biggrinbounce.gif

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goodvibes.gif I hope you mamas get your energy back soon! My energy was late to kick in this pregnancy too. I think there are just more demands on our bodies. More kids, more responsibilities + pregnancy = later energy comeback! lol.gif

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Thanks everyone!! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who's still feeling sluggish and also nice to know my energy may come back! I definitely think it's because this is the second time around, can't just relax when *I* want to :)  Going to bed earlier would definitely help, there's just so much going on after the 1st little one goes to bed!

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No, you're definitely not the only one- I'm 17 weeks and still have very sluggish days, although there are some better energy days sprinkled in there.  I started a thread further down about still feeling tired at 15 weeks and there were many responses that others felt the same.

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