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typhoid vaccine?

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We're moving to Uganda and trying to decide which vaxes to get...does anyone know anything about the injectible typhoid vax?  My sister in law, who is from Kenya and lives there now - doesn't vax her 3 year old son adn said there are tests for typhoid and it's treatable, she didn't think I should get them.


From what I've read, the vax is only like 55% effective.  DD is 3.5 and DS is 4 months, so the vax would only be for DD and possibly DH and myself.  I had the oral typhoid vax years ago before i started questioning vaxes, but it's a live virus vax for 6 years and up and I wouldn't get that vax for me or DH because of the risk of passing typhoid on to our kids.


Any thoughts???

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I think it would just depend. What are you interested in specifically? I mean the duration of immunity isn't very great but I think you have to consider what your local resources are too. Personally, the last time travel suggested it, my kids & I did get the injectable. Are you also considering hep A?
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I did receive the typhoid vaccine and came down with typhoid anyway while in Nepal.  It wasn't a big deal because I started on antibiotics right away.  It's not until the second week of typhoid that the really nasty symptoms start to set in.  The signs you want to look out for are a high temperature (like 104) and a slow heart rate.  Usually fever causes your heart rate to increase, but with typhoid it will decrease.  I didn't even feel sick at first and wouldn't have even realized I was if my husband hadn't of noticed that I was burning up.

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I had it and would never do that again, especially to a child. It was one of the worst experiences of my life, I got back from the dr's office and thought I was dying. I collapsed on the floor and couldn't move for the rest of day.

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