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DS was born just before Thanksgiving and we don't live anywhere near family.  Both my parents and IL's came for his birth (first grandchild on both sides) and IL's and my dad waited in the waiting room through my 30+ hour labor while my mom was with DH and I.   We hosted and my mom cooked Thanksgiving dinner for the whole lot the day after we came home from the hospital.  My parents and IL's do not get along and it was a horrible and stressful time dealing with that and a newborn.  


As I said before we don't want  my mom around during labor this time at all...I don't think I'd mind if she walked in just for the delivery with DS is she gets here by then (which is doubtful).  I think I want her and my dad here to help with DS for a few weeks afterwards.  DH isn't so sure since my mom and I had some really big fights just after DS was born, but I know she'll focus on DS more this time (DS  and my mom have this bond that is unlike anything I've ever seen...they are two peas in a pod and so, so close) and that's wonderful.  I imagine he's going to be pretty draining for me in the immediate post-partum time frame and if my mom's there and can take him to school and pick him up (we drive about an hour and a half round trip in the AM), and attend to his other needs  that will be hugely helpful.


I'm not so sure about having my IL's visit.  I definitely don't want them coming till after my parents leave and we get settled in a bit.   I don't know....the whole idea of them visiting after the baby comes just stresses me out though....not to mention BIL.  Of course DH will tell them to come on whenever, no matter how ready or not ready I feel for the visit...he always does.  He's supportive in every way till his family becomes involved....eyesroll.gif.