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A change of plans

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Well, I was planning a homebirth, but now I will not be able to. It seems that my iron is too low for a homebirth, so we are now planning a hospital birth. My hemoglobin is at 9.3, and it should be at 10. We worked for a few weeks to get it back up to 10 to no avail.


I met with the new midwife today (a CNM as opposed to a LM) and she is really awesome. She was very reassuring as far as my desire for intervention free birth is concerned. I also tested GBS positive, and her approach is nothing like the OB's approach was when I had my daughter. I will only need one round of penicillin (which I'm still not thrilled about) but she is laid back as far as what to do when my water breaks and any time period for labor. The OB wanted me to get to the hospital right away when my water broke with DD (it was only a trickle) and she wanted my water completely broken and me started on pitocin asap...which I hear from this midwife is not routine protocol. She said "just come to the hospital when you're ready". I can even use a labor tub.


So, while I'm still a little bummed about not getting a homebirth, I am excited about the prospect of a really positive hospital birth. I've been through a lot with this LO, and have had so many things come up that have threatened my chances of having a home birth (like failing the glucose test...I passed the 3 hour. Also I had a Cholestasis "scare"- I didn't have that either, thankfully. Plus a couple other things that ended up being nothing). So it's been an idea I've had plenty of chances to get used to, so it isn't a total shock or anything.


Anyway, this LO should be along pretty shortly now that I have the birth environment all figured out. Ha ha. I will be 39 weeks on Tuesday. smile.gif


Anyone else have an unexpected change of plans???

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Sorry you won't be getting your home birth.  But it sounds like you will be in good hands with a midwife who completely respects you. Good luck!

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My natural birth with a CNM at a hospital was great.  Here's wishing you the same!

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Sorry things did not work out just how you planned, but wishing you happy and healthy birth.

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