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Show off your BFP

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I took a dollar store test this morning and it was so dark I have to share.  I usually get a faint BFP on 14dpo and it doesn't get really dark until about 20dpo.  Here is my test at 16dpo and I got my first BFP on 10dpo.IMAG0724.jpg

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I would love to have a dark line like that!!! this is my test from yesterday, 10dpo .. todays was slightly darker



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Etsdtm99- that is a nice line for 10dpo. I bet you have a dark line in a few days. We have kids about the same age too! Dd1 will be 4 this month and dd2 will be 2 in Sept.
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Neat! I hadn't even noticed your other DD's age! that is fun that we'll have 3 the same ages :)



Here are my 11dpo tests..  :) darker!



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The top Amazon cheapie was 10DPO as well.


Pretty self explanatory. ;) GuessWhat2.jpg

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these ones are from over a week ago.




and this one is from...5 minutes ago. did it because i'm feeling kind of crummy today and nervous about this pregnancy sticking, so seeing the test line darker than the control is kind of reassuring. i first tested positive on 8 DPO so i feel like i've already known forever (i'm 22 DPO now) but things are still so uncertain. 

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I know half this thread is my pictures it seems - but here, i thought this was fun ..  top to bottom, 9dpo am, 10dpo AM, 10dpoPM, 10dpo PM, 11DPO AM, 11dpo pm, 12dpo AM, 13dpo am  - I was worried about how similar the 11dpo PM and 12dpo AM tests were, but the 13dpo AM test makes me feel better - yes, i am done obsessing over tests now.  I will take another in a few days to see a nice super dark line but for now this is good enough.   and hte 9dpo test did not have enough of a line for me to even suspect it was positive. 



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I held out and took our last test today at 6 weeks pregnant and the test line was darker than the control and showed up first! In the past our lines were always dark really early so I wasn't sure what to think about the really light lines. The first tests at 10dpo I couldn't get to show up on camera at all, and I"m not sure if anyone else can see the line on 11DPO it really just looked like a shadow and not colored much at all.

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Pregnancy Test Baby 4.jpg I took these on the day I suspected. I have no idea how many DPO I was :/ But nice to see that my HCG line was much darker than the control! Won't be happy until I see that little heartbeat on Friday @7weeks :)

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IMG_1241.JPGHere's 5/6 I took (the most expensive one I got the lines evaporated so much you can't see them).  The top is 12 dpo, then 13 dpo for the next two, then 15 dpo and finally 19 dpo.  I was getting worried since I was having symptoms come and go so I kept testing :-)

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My bfp... how I told most of my friends...



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That is super funny!
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oh...my...gosh.  HILARIOUS!!!!

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Hahaha! Super funny. I wouldn't be surprised if that went viral!

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