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Bfeeding and solids

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My seven month old has been eating solids for about a month. I'm wondering how much food other babies around this age are eating and how often are they nursing. People have told me he'll let me know when he's full, but I really don't want to over do the solids and I don't want to diminish his nursing. 

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At 7 months old my little one was just starting to taste solid foods. We did baby led  food introduction. I provided a healthy solid food once a day and let him decide how much to eat/lick/taste/mush into his hair. We started with a chunk of baked sweet potato, and soon added avocado, egg yolk, squash, pear etc. Soft foods that he could pick up and nibble. As he enjoyed it more and more I introduced more solid foods and more often in the day.


Nursing didn't change at all until he was about 15 months old. He nursed every 1.5 - 3 h during the day, slightly less often at night. I nursed before solids until he was a year old.


Hope that helps!

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My little one is 6 months and a couple weeks old and he's drinking a little less than 32 ounces a day.  After his morning nap, we try to give him infant oatmeal.  After his afternoon nap, we try to give him, the Gerber's 1st foods like sweet potato, or Squash, or a fruit.  And then after his late afternoon nap, we give him another 1st food like a vegetable or a fruit. We're starting a new food, every 3 days.  He's currently very picky about the foods, but his favorite is sweet potatoes.  My pediatrician said to start the meat but I think I will wait on the Gerber meat ones.   I was thinking about giving him some of the cereal looking powder puffs.  

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