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Free Monthly Playgroups

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I am a postpartum doula in the Phoenix area.  I am going to start offering free monthly playgroups from expecting families and families with children ages birth to 5 years.  The first group is on June 30th from 10am to 12pm at the Burton Barr Library in Phoenix.  Feel free to come and go as you please.  I will have toys and art supplies for the kids to play with.  You can discuss  For updates you can "like" my Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/BridgetAbramsonPostpartumDoula

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Nice. Sorry your post was missed. Just thought I'd bump it up for attention. smile.gif

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Thanks!  I have a few birth doulas who are going to attend with me.  We will discuss our services and you can mingle with us.  You can find more info here:  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/52204916/MeetDoulas.pdf

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I see this was posted a few years ago, but any chance this playgroup is still active?

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