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He's here!

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Yesterday, I was having very mild contractions all day. They weren't uncomfortable enough for me to feel like I could say I was "in labor." I had a prenatal appointment with my midwife in the morning, where I told her that I thought it was going to happen this weekend. I actually asked her to check my cervix because I wanted to know if the contractions were doing anything. At that point, I was 3-4cm, 80% effaced with the baby at -1 station.


We'd gone to Trader Joe's before the appointment, so I went home, put the groceries away and fed the kids lunch. Still having contractions, but nothing terrible. Then we went to two libraries and signed up for the summer reading programs.


We got home around 3pm and I put on a movie for the kids and went to go take a nap. At 4pm, dh got home and my midwife called to see how things were going. I told her the contractions were about ten minutes apart and that I would call her later.


Dh had plans with a friend, so I told him to go ahead and meet up with him, that I would call him if needed.


By 6:30pm, the contrax were more like 5-6 minutes apart, so I called to let her know that they seemed to be picking up but that I didn't think anything was really going to happen while the older kids were awake.


I put the kids to bed at 8:00, but they weren't really all in bed with their lights out until 9pm. Shortly after nine, dh arrived home bearing food from Chipotle :) I had a chicken quesidilla and went for a short walk outside.


By ten (when I probably should have called the midwife), the contractions started to get more intense. I tried getting in the tub, but it didn't help. At 10:44, dh called our midwife because I'd been trying to and just couldn't get a break inbetween contractions. She headed this way as soon as he called, but it's a half hour drive from her to our house.


I had about ten minutes of super painful contractions, standing up next to our bed, leaning on dh's shoulder. I kept wanting to move to somewhere, but I felt stuck standing there. I wanted a drink and someone to cover up and bed/carpet before they got ruined, but I wouldn't let dh move and we hadn't called people in time.


At probably about 10:55, I managed to lay down in bed, thinking maybe it would slow things down so our midwife could make it. That didn't work. I felt his head moving down; I wasn't pushing. I felt the bag of waters coming before him (very weird feeling). When I realized that him coming out couldn't be avoided, I went ahead and pushed him the rest of the way out. Dh was standing next to me, by the bed. I "caught" our baby. He was born in the bag of waters and I had to peel it off of his face.


About twenty minutes later, the midwife and her assistant got there. Dh didn't tell them when they came in that the baby was born, so they came up and saw me in bed with baby nursing. They handled the cleanup, managed to save both the capet and the mattress, did laundry, checked out the baby, helped me to the bathroom, and hung out doing their postpartum things. I think they ended up going home around 2am.


Baby was 7lb, 9oz. We're still settling on his name.

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Wow! What a birth story! Congratulations and keep us posted!

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Wow, how exciting! Congratulations

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Congratulations! Welcome little baby boy!


I remember just reading the post you wrote yesterday about getting checked & that you were 3-4 cm and 80% effaced and thinking "wow! i wonder when she's going to go - that seems like a lot"... you body sure didn't wait long after that - you were on your way! That's so exciting energy.gif

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That is a great birth story :) And he is beautiful!
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Congratulations!  This is such a sweet birth story, I hope mine can happen this way.    

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WOW that is a great birth story!!!  Thanks for sharing and CONGRATS!!!

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Congrats!  You said you wanted this weekend.  And our second to beat the midwife to the scene.

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Great job!  Congrats!

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Awesome story joy.gif Welcome sweet baby and congrats Mama!

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Wow!  That is an amazing birth!  Way to go!  Enjoy your new bundle of love!

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that was such a nice story to read. congrats on your baby boy!

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Congratulations!  Sounds like an awesome birth. :)

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Congrats mama and family! He's a cutie!

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Wow! What a neat birth story! Congrats mama!
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What a gorgeous little guy and a lovely birth story!! Happy Babymooning mama!

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