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Are you still sleeping on your back or belly???

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I know when pregnant its best to sleep on the side. I cant do it. :( I still sleep either on my belly or my back. I heard that sleeping on your back puts extra pressure on the uterus. Is that true even when you are in the first, second trimester? OR does this only apply to the later stages in pregnancy?  Just want to make sure that i am being safe. Pls share what you know about this.

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IME, you will get uncomfortable on your stomach or back before it will be dangerous.  The danger of back-sleeping is that the weight of the uterus presses on arteries/veins, cutting off or reducing blood flow.  You're not there yet!

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I sleep on my left side, it is not my favorite position, but anytime I get pregnant I start sleeping on my left side to increase blood flow to the baby and prevent any issues....I know I am not far enough along yet to get super paranoid, but I am totally freaked out by sleeping on my back or my stomach. HTH mama!

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i sleep on my back until it gets uncomfortable, at which point i sleep leaned up on pillows so i'm at enough angle that the pressure is off the veins. i can't do side sleeping because i have back problems and my pelvis tends to separate very early and very painfully in pregnancy. if i sleep on my side i literally can't walk the next day. so i'm flat on my back till about 5 months, and then half sitting the rest of the time. my doctor told me i would feel uncomfortable on my back long before any harm could come of it. listen to your body and you will be fine. if you start getting dizzy or out of breath on your back, then it's time to sit up or turn on your side. otherwise, get as much comfortable sleep as you can.

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I'm pretty sure you're ok to sleep however you like until 20 weeks.  I'm 13 weeks right now and sleeping on my belly/back/side.  However, in my last pregnancy I started to practice not sleeping on my back and belly early on and it made an easier transition when I HAD to sleep on my side.

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I did that, too, the last time - started getting used to sleeping on my side.  I do a little of both now, but sleeping on my back is the most comfortable - I have a kind of bad back, too, and it feels the best.  I may end up having to sleep propped up as well this time around.  But I agree - it's probably fine until it starts to feel uncomfortable or just not right to you. 

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I am a big fan of the 'sleep however you are most comfortable' camp from the perspective of sleep is essential and sometimes hard to get during pregnancy and so you should just ^^^ smile.gif.


However, I feel like I have learned a lot more about how our posturing during pregnancy can and does influence the position our babes are birthed in and can essentially really affect your labor. I had a long labor and although my DD was born OA {occiput anterior} and not 'sunny side up', I do believe that my long labor was in large part due to DD being malpositioned through most of the labor and I do not want to go that route again. So, I will head the caution to not back sleep during my 3rd trimester. I will be doing everything I can to encourage optimal fetal positioning BEFORE labor begins this time. 

So, I think either way--go with your own intuition and it won't lead you astray ; )

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Originally Posted by Mamabeakley View Post

IME, you will get uncomfortable on your stomach or back before it will be dangerous.  The danger of back-sleeping is that the weight of the uterus presses on arteries/veins, cutting off or reducing blood flow.  You're not there yet!


Exactly. There were times when I was pg with DD and roll onto my back in my sleep, and I was so uncomfortable I'd actually wake up. That was late in pregnancy though (30+ weeks). Until then, sleep however you're comfortable!

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Something that I have found that helps me sleep on my side more comfortably is using a little squashy square cushion to "prop" by bump up.. I feel more supported that way... ????

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I'm a stomach/side sleeper usually and that's all still comfrotable at this point. In my last pregnancy, it was really clear to me when I couldn't lay on my tummy anymore. At that point I made myself a nest with like five pillows. I also remember side-lying coming into play with other back-lying activites like yoga, bodywork...and sex :-P

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Yes you'd get dizzy and out of breath if being on your back were becoming a problem, and I think this would wake you up. I don't know how I'd possibly keep myself from rolling onto my back in my sleep so I'm not worrying about it smile.gif
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Here is a hint from my chiropractor, if you are wanting to 'train' yourself to not sleep on your belly: Tape a couple of marbles on your hip bones before bed. They are so uncomfortable they will wake you up every time you roll onto them. He is totally against tummy sleeping & recommends that to people all the time. IDK if it works, I've never been comfy sleeping on my belly, but it's a thought.

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I'd say I'm naturally tending towards being a side and back sleeper, I start off on my side and then I wind up wherever I do.  At this stage I wouldn't worry as much about back sleeping...I think it's more of an issues once you get bigger (I think I remember them saying 20+ weeks here).


I also have extra pillows later on.  One for between my legs and to lean the upper leg on.  

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The extra pillows were *so* useful last time - a body pillow for my arm and upper leg, one for under my head and one behind my back for a little support.  I might have to go drag those out again soon!

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I'm a natural side sleeper, but sometimes I wake up on my back, and even when I'm not pregnant, it kind of freaks me out. I guess I just feel kind of exposed? I tend to sleep on my left side because my husband sleeps on his left, and I can't stand breathing in my face, but sometimes I do flip over onto my right when my legs feel sore. I might need to get some props as I get heavier, but so far I've been pretty comfortable.


I've never been a stomach sleeper. I just can't sleep comfortably in that position.

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I have to go get a body pillow pretty soon. I'm still a stomach/side sleeper, but I know the day is coming where I can't sleep on my stomach anymore. I love being pregnant and have pretty easy pregnancies, but sleep and everything that goes with pregnancy sleep is what I dread! The can't get comfortable, have to pee every hour, crankyness that comes with hardly any sleep is what I don't like about pregnancy. It's coming soon, too! Right now, I figure I have about two more weeks before I get super uncomfortable. 

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I sleep in all three positions: back, belly and side. Even when I need to sleep on my side I'll still be rolling partially onto my belly or my hips get really sore.
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I have always been a partial side/belly sleeper, even through my last pregnancy. I got a pregnancy pillow to help with the hip pain, but was still able to sleep mostly on my belly right up until delivery and am hoping to do the same this time!

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I sleep on my belly and my left side. Usually I can sleep on my belly until around 6 or 7 months. I sleep on my left side to alleviate heartburn.

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