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Please Help!! 7 Week ultrasound!

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Hello Ladies, I would really love some in put in my 7 week ultrasound. I drank my 1 liter of water I got into my appointment and the tech asked me to go and drain my water because she maybe seeing twins. i came back she did a vaginal ultrasound but she never told me if she say twins or if it was mirrioring from the water before. she gave me a couple pictures to take home but I didn't look @ the photos till i left the office and was in a slight shock when i saw the second picture. My next appointment isn't till june 29th. It would be great if you would let me know what your thought is on this photo.



7 weeks

 7 week ultrasound



                            Thank-you, Jenn

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Usually when I see twin u/s there are two sacs but I only see one here. So odd to me that the tech didn't clear it up for you. Maybe it was too soon for her to know for sure so she couldn't tell you?

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Identical twins would share one sac. Personally I have no idea if that is two , but if I had to guess I would guess It is! Congratulations either way! smile.gif
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OH jezz!! that's what we were thinking but see this is my second pregnancy and with my first i didn't have an ultrasound till 20weeks. So I don't know if it is normal or not to have the baby with the sac and should there be another look-a-like baby sac figure inside or is it just supposed to be one sac inside and the rest is black?

Thank-you forumyonly1 we are very excited either way!!

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Identical twins don't normally share a sack (ti's about 10% if I remember correctly). It's actually a dangerous situation when they do share a sack because of the possibility for TTTS. When is your next appointment? I would be going for another ultrasound to see how things were developing. 

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My next appointment is June 29th. I meant to take this picture into my doctor but I forgot to take it with me last week.

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I would call and ask.  I'm sure you can either get a straight answer over the phone or make a quick appointment for quick to ask your question.


"hi, this is "  ", I have questions concerning my ultrasound.  Do I have to make an appointment to go over that or can i get my question answered over the phone?"

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OK. So I contacted the radiology place and they looked over my file and said i can see why you are confused, lol, but they confirmed it as one baby and in this picture you see the umbilical cord. Now i really don't know how common it is to see the cord @ 6 wks 6d but yup that's the answer I got!

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