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Child might have measles, but I'm pregnant

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Hi everyone,


FIRST, if this is the wrong forum for this, I'm sorry, and feel free to move this thread.  Just looking for some info.

I don't know for sure, but my five year old has a lot of measles-like symptoms - white spots appearing inside her mouth, spots appearing on her face (and it's not chicken pox, she's already had them at 3 and quite severely), aches and pains, and conjunctivitis.

I am considering taking her to a doctor, though I don't know what they would be able to do besides confirm or disconfirm (is that a word?).


My main concern is that I am 35 weeks pregnant.  My blood tests early on showed immunity to German measles but they don't test for immunity from normal measles.


Should I be worried?  I'm not worried about my daughter - I'd be very happy for her to get measles and have life time immunity!  But I am a bit worried about myself and my baby.  The internet is full of scary warnings of miscarriage, etc for pregnant mums exposed to measles.

Any advice?  Should I contact a doctor?  I can stand up for my decision not to vaccinate the kids, so not worried about the badgering I'll get if it IS measles, but is there still a good reason for having her seen?  And is there even better reason for ME and baby bump to get seen??




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I sure don't know, but I'll bump this in hopes someone else does.

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I'd say, yes, absolutely contact a doctor for her and also ask your own midwife/doctor/whoever you are seeing for your own pregnancy as well.  I don't think there is cause for alarm, but it makes sense to hear what the medical world feels about situations like this.  I would mostly be concerned about a brand new baby being born and being exposed to measles right away with a very immature immune system.


Also, since you are immune to rubella, most likely you are also to measles since they are usually given as an MMR combo shot, which it sounds like you had as a child.

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Given that your pregnant, it's worth getting some medical advice on this. Measles, pregnancy, and possibly a newborn aren't a good mix for sure.


Since you're not in the US, I'm assuming it won't be nearly as big of a deal as it is here. Around here if you present a child with measles symptoms and heaven forbid they test positive, the media treats it like epidemic caused by the horrible parent who failed to vax their child properly. It's messy at best.

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I would speak to your care provider at the very least, even if just to give them a heads-up.


A google search for 'measles with a newborn' came up with some reports on the issue... looks like the person would be contagious from 9 to 10 days from exposure to around 5 days after rash appears. Not sure how long of a period that is, but I would think it would have run its course by the time baby arrives, though it does seem you would be at increased risk of preterm labor if you contract it.


If you have immunity through disease or vax it looks like you would pass it on to baby for around 2-3 months, possibly up to 6. Disease immunity is more effective than vax. When a baby does contract it being malnourished appears to be a major factor in how well they respond.

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Yes, good idea to check in with the doctor.


You may or may not be immune to the measles, this can be confirmed by blood test if the doc thinks it is necessary.


If you are not immune or it is unclear, you might benefit from receving a gamma globulin shot.


Other diseases that cause rashes (besides measles and german measles) that look like measles might pose a risk to you and fetus.


Good luck!

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What happened?  Update?

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