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Are you thinking about them yet? 

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I have two possible girl names brewing in my head. You? Nothing boy at all. I have 2 boys which is probably why wink1.gif
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I've named four boys and am fresh out of ideas. My kids all have four letter, two syllable names containing an A which was actually nothing I realised until #4. That gets tricky after a while! If the baby is a boy I'm gonna name him Mister Bojangles and call it a day.

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I love it! That would be amazing! I know a family who had their 4th kid and couldn't agree on the name until after the kid was a year. They called it baby x until the name finally happened. LOL

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Wow! A year! 

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We have a girl name already picked out, but we cant agree on a boys name, DH got to name last baby so I hope I come up with the name for this one.

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How nice that you guys take turns! I can't let my DH name another boy it'll just be his name, which is also his fathers name. Too many of them!!!

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I like unusual, old-sounding names.  For a girl, I'm thinking Isla, Corinthia, Aniela, Esme, Norah.  Something along those lines.  For a boy I like Atlas, Samuel, Zachariah or Arrow.  We think Solomon might be on the list, too..

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Well my DH hates his name because its so popular (Chris) and I have a fairly unique name (Fern) our sons name is Aleric (a very old name) so the next baby will also need to be named as he is, except the only other names from the "Aleric" time all end in the "ick/ric" so I wanted to name the next baby Hannibal Ashton if its a boy, or Ruby Rain or Ruby Moon if its a girl. But DH doesn't like Hannibal because everyone will associate it with that movie about the cannibal :-(, and not its historical significance, so we are still searching for the perfect name for a boy. 


hotsauce: I love the name Atlas for a boy!

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I have no idea this time around. Last time the girl name was predestined and we never agreed on a boys name. I'm not ready to think about it yet. I'm not ready to plan anything! Last time I had it all organized before I was pregnant.

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I always, always, always wanted to name my daughter (if I had one) Ruby.  My husband is dead set against it because he said it is a stripper's name.  Last pregnancy we had decided on Avery if it was a girl, but since then I've heard of a bunch of people using that name.


One of my very good friends named her 4-year-old Esme, I love that name.  My dad's nickname for me was Fern, so I'm partial to that, as well.  Ayla (probably pronounced the same as your Isla, hotsauce) was a close second for our girl name last time.


We ended up naming our son Porter James, inspired by one of our favorite musicians, George Porter, Jr. from the Funky Meters.

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We have ds1 as Alexander kayden then our next boy is Logan Felipe. We try to do a mix of Latin and Gaelic. For a girl I am set on Helena Zoe and my father is set on Rachel Louise another boy??? No clue!!!
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Originally Posted by hotsauce View Post

I like unusual, old-sounding names.  For a girl, I'm thinking Isla, Corinthia, Aniela, Esme, Norah.  Something along those lines.  For a boy I like Atlas, Samuel, Zachariah or Arrow.  We think Solomon might be on the list, too..



I love, love, love Esme and Norah--Norah was on my list last time around. :) I'm also a big fan of Samuel, but the hubby doesn't like it.


Boy names are impossible for us, we can't agree on anything--which thus far hasn't been an issue, since we have three girls under our belt. ;) Girl names in the running are Francine (for my uncle Frankie, who passed a year ago), Nella, Eleanor, and Gracelin. We tend to drift toward old, classic names--our other girls are Cordelia, Emmeline, and Leone. :)

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I also like Nicolai, Judah, Jonas, Ezra, Matthias, Malachai.  Girls, Amelia, Matilda, Genevieve, Cerise (means cherry in French).  I think I have my girl name picked out, but I'm kinda scared to tell!  

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Ester, Vega, Nova, Estelle.  Sorry, just can't stop!

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I like Nova a lot, hotsauce. 


We have our boy name picked out, but no girl name yet.  I have a first name I like, but DH isn't convinced.  I love the name threads, though I never feel I have enough ideas to contribute, lol!

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We like names that can't really be shortened (though I realize any name *can* be shortened if people really want them to be).  We have a Jonas and a Liam already.  


DH and I both really love the name Emmett if it's another boy, but we're stuck on a middle name.  We have a couple of others in the maybe list, but nothing that either one of us really love.  


Girl names are harder for us, even though we have yet to have a girl.  We just can't ever seem to agree.  My plan is to have "ann" in the name somewhere (for my Grandma).  So far the only names I've found that I like are Annora, Annika and Annelise.  I also really love the name Jane, but do not like Jane Ann as a first and middle.  


With that said... we'll probably change our mind a hundred times before before we actually see baby's face. 

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Nova is nice...except when someone mentions the car winky.gif

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I've had a boy and girls name set for a very long time. I wrote down the boys name in a journal in 2006 and came up with the girls name in 2008. Let's just say I'm a big name nerd. 

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So far we have gone with British Place names for our girls. We have a London Isabelle,  India Raine and an Avalon Winter.  i have no more girl names. I am totally out. For London I came up with the name in school. For India and Avalon we came up with the name while I was pregnant with an older kid.  I have two boy names. If I had a boy I would name him Maddox or Roux. I love Maddox but ever since watching Chocolat, I have always love the name Roux. 

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