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hmm I googled it and Roux can be a girl name but it seems to mostly be a guys name but I will think about it.

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for boys we have Tor so far.
For girls we have nuthing really.... i want something that makes sense both in Swedish and English and Spanish... since those are the languages the kiddos will have to live in and have family speaking to him/her... and that is a it hard.
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So far we have gone with British Place names for our girls. We have a London Isabelle,  India Raine and an Avalon Winter.  i have no more girl names. I am totally out. For London I came up with the name in school. For India and Avalon we came up with the name while I was pregnant with an older kid.  I have two boy names. If I had a boy I would name him Maddox or Roux. I love Maddox but ever since watching Chocolat, I have always love the name Roux. 



As someone partnered with a chef, roux means a whole different thing! 

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DH has a girl name that he loooooves.  I am iffy on the full name but the nickname is okay.  We don't really have any boys names.  I guess we'll think about that at 19/20 weeks if need be!

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Originally Posted by kawa kamuri View Post

As someone partnered with a chef, roux means a whole different thing! 
yeah for me this means that cooked flour base for sauces and gumbo... ROTFLMAO.gif
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This one will be either "Giaxon Blu" or "Peyton Avery". Giaxon is pronounced like "Jackson".

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Lol I think of roux like the cooking kind when I hear roux but I also now think auburn and johnny depp smile.gif
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so for girls we said Ingrid, Astrid, and Sofia for now... I am sure that will change in 15 minutes.
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Boys names, Benjamin Patrick or Lennon Patrick.....maybe. Girl, Allie or some strain of it needs to be in it or Ivy (they are family names) I LOVE the name Alice, and then call her Allie for short. Lydia, Clair, Violet, or Corine are on the list. I still love the name Ferris, which is what my dd was supposed to be named until we got cold feet, but my sister named her son Cameron and I think it would be really odd and funny to have a Ferris and Cameron Hahahah!

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Originally Posted by tinyblackdot View Post


I think it would be really odd and funny to have a Ferris and Cameron Hahahah!


ROTFLMAO.gifSo great. 

I'm pretty settled on Opal for a girl and Iggy for a boy. Iggy is missing the A all of my other kids have in their names, but when my eccentric SO told me he liked it I couldn't help but like it too. Opal was a late contender for my youngest daughter (October baby, how perfect!) but by that time she was named and that was that. Middle will probably be after my maternal grandmother Virginia which is also appropriate for a near Christmas baby, I think. Not sure about a middle boy name though I think it must be lovely, a family name, and NORMAL. I'd like to give him the ability to go by that if he's not as weird as his parents 

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We're thinking Penelope Rose for a girl (DH loves the idea of calling her Penny, and my middle name is Rose), and we already picked out Henry Spencer for a boy last time. Still love it so that's what it will be if I'm growing a boy this time!
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We already have 2 girls, Esme Vivienne and Camille Amber.


I have seriously no clue this time for either.  We have NEVER had a boys name (which was fine because they were always girls).  Reading this thread, Alaric appeals, but not sure what DP will think.  Typically i think of 4000 names we both kind of like and he thinks of one we both love.

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There should be a class called, "how to name your baby a swedish name that doesnt sound like a porn star in english"... and my husband should be forced to take it.
Names he has suggested

Great names for a pirate. ROTFLMAO.gif
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My SO suggested Wolf last time. NO.

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I know Rue as a girls' name (spelled as such) - my friend's daughter is Stella Rue - very sweet.

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I'm thinking Georgianne for a girl (shortened to Georgia) and plain old Jack for a boy. Middle names will be old family names...still sorting that out.

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I think we've picked our girl name, and we both love it!  Vela.  It means 'candlelight' in Spanish, 'shore' in Sanskrit (I think), but above all, it's a constellation that means "The Sails".  My son's middle name is Sailor and I'm particularly loving the idea of giving them names that fit together.  My DP said it just popped into his head yesterday when he was driving home after dropping me off at work.  We had just come from hearing the heartbeat for the first time.  He looked up the meaning of the word when he got home and was almost scared to tell me in case I vetoed it, but I adore it. :)  Now for a middle name....

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I think 'Vela' is beautiful!

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Originally Posted by sapientia View Post

I think 'Vela' is beautiful!


perfect luxlove.gif

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Vela is beautiful, it means candle though, not candlelight. It is a beautiful name....damn. i wish i had thought of that!!!!!!!
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