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Now that we know we're having a BOY! His name will be (98% sure) Carter Michael!

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Oh, we found out it's a boy too!  And his name is slated to be Henry Spencer :)  That's what we chose if DD had been a boy (we didn't know boy/girl until birth last time), and I still love it!  If he really doesn't look/feel like a Henry we'll pick something else, but I hope it does stick!

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I like Henry, and Spencer was actually on our top 5 list for DS1.


I have a feeling this is boy #3 for us. We'll find out for sure on Tuesday, can't wait!

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We found out it's a girl!!!  DH is stuck on the name Penelope...  I'll have to tell him about the whole celebrity thing, and maybe I can talk him into a different name, lol.  I really like Gabrielle or Gabriella.  And looking through this thread, the name Alice popped out to me.  I don't know anyone named Alice!

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My DH was stuck on Penelope too! Last week I decided I loved Autumn Rose way more, and he was raining on my parade about it...luckily we didn't have to have a fist fight about it since we're having a boy wink1.gif
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I thought we had names picked out, but I was wrong-still up in the air. I'm leaning towards Georgiann for a girl...for a boy we are tossing around Jack, Wyatt, Aaron...ugh, I don't know.

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I like some form or Eleanor for a girl, after an Ellen and LuEllen in DH's recent family and I just found way way back in mine some like Elinor and Elena (< really liking that last one, Elena). When I was younger I liked it as Elanor from LotR (a flower type in elvish, Sam's daughter), I'd consider that if it ended up a middle name. Going through Nymbler I found Shea, which a girl or boy's name but slightly more popular in girls. I like Owen for a boy, that's in my family recently. Emmett is a nice one, that came up on nymbler.com too. I was going through this huge family tree binder for ideas but that didn't turn up much. Lots of really common names like Richard and Robert and John and George in there that don't appeal to me, and Mary and Elizabeth and Alice. Then there's unflattering women's names like Bertha and Childegard and such, and Irish stuff I could never pronounce.


Dh was thinking about Winter for a middle name the other day but I'm not really a fan especially when he started saying "Winter is coming" hehe.

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Jamie, my son is Owen and I still love the name, simple and sweet.

DH proposed the name Kinsley for our girl and it has really grown on me. Unusual, I can't even find a meaning for it, but I think we might have a winner. For now at least.
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JamieCatheryn - I LOVE the name Emmett. It's actually the name we've chosen for this baby, assuming he doesn't come out looking like a different name belongs to him. 

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What about the name Neva for a girl?  What do you put with it?

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Here is my list of girl names.  DH likes two of them, but he is STILL stuck on Penelope...



What are your favorites from my list, if any?  

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Anilia - How do you pronounce that?  NEE-vuh... Neh-Vuh?


rebeccajm - Of those names, Lydia is my favorite. Love that name. (It was on our short list if we were having a girl.) I also like Violet.  :)  

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rebeccajm- I like Ivey the most of those names. It's very pretty, I like the spelling, it seems unique yet simple and easy to pronounce.


So I'm just curious, how does everyone here ultimately decide on a name? Is it just the one you can agree on with your dh? Or the best name you can think of, or the one that "feels right"? I have a friend who said with her third baby, that when they were thinking of names, they settled on one not because it was the greatest name ever, but because "it just felt like home." I'm just curious about others' processes for choosing names. With DD, we said one name, the day we found out we were pregnant, we both agreed, and that was that. My problem was that once she was born, I didn't think it really fit. I had always loved the name, but I just couldn't see it going with her. We had already told everyone the name, so when she was born it felt very "established," so I didn't really voice my feelings about it. Now, of course, it fits her fine because it's her name. I just would like to do it differently this time around. Since my husband is deployed, we haven't really discussed any names, but I'm assuming we will when he gets back :). The only ones I have in mind are ones that we thought of before I was pregnant (just talking about future children in general). For some reason, that bothers me. Like it's not a valid name if we didn't think of it during the pregnancy itself... I'm a little nervous, though, that I may never feel content with a name just for fear there's a better one I haven't thought of! Anyway, sorry if this is super rambly...Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Oh, and Anilia- I was going to ask the same thing... How do you pronounce Neva? 

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Originally Posted by Tbutton View Post

rebeccajm- I like Ivey the most of those names. It's very pretty, I like the spelling, it seems unique yet simple and easy to pronounce.


So I'm just curious, how does everyone here ultimately decide on a name? Is it just the one you can agree on with your dh? Or the best name you can think of, or the one that "feels right"? ...


I always go on what feels right. I can't really explain the feeling, but something about saying the name out loud and/or referring to baby by it either feels completely wrong or it just feels right. Once we feel we've found the name, we don't usually tell anyone IRL in case the name just doesn't seem to fit at all once they're born. DH and I do have short lists of names we both like and always discuss, but all three pregnancies now we've ended up choosing something completely different. 

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Grettle and Violet were the two he mentioned that he likes okay.  I had been telling him I liked Ivey since way before I got pregnant!  This name stuff is hard!  With DS #1, he let me choose.  Right away I picked out Lucas for boy and Lily for girl, and Lucas it was!  We picked out his middle name a couple days after he was born.  With DS #2, we picked out his name in the waiting hall during the same appointment when we found out his gender.  Just like that!


I think because it's a girl this time and probably our last baby, we both want it to be perfect.  I'm thinking we just need to wait until she is there and then decide! ;)

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NEE-vah.  :)  It doesn't have any of the sounds I usually go for so I have no idea how to pair it.  but I like...


tbutton- I'm looking for a name that feels good in the mouth, cause your going to say it a whole lot, and yes, also feels like home.  

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That's my nickname!

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So now that we know it is a girl the contenders are (currently) Calliope Ann or Anjali Neve (on-ja-lee neev)

I love Calliope and have been holding onto it for a long time, but I don't love it so much that there is no thought of other options.  I love everything about Anjali except that you need to put a pronunciation key with it.  My name has always caused trouble and I wouldn't want to saddle another child with that...  Any thoughts?

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Now that we know we are having a boy, I am falling in love with all kinds of girl names! LOL


Our current contenders are:









But I am sure this list will change over the next 20 weeks! :)

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