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Holistic Dr. in Central Florida

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We recently moved to Deltona (in Volusia County) and are looking for an MD who is supportive of not vaccinating.


Also, we plan to start the process of an international adoption soon, and I've read that some homestudy providers require children already in the home to be vaccinated. Does anyone have experience with this, or know of a Florida adoption/homestudy agency that doesn't require vaccinations?



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I don't but I noticed your post was missed. Just thought I'd bump it up for attention. smile.gif

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If you adopt through the state foster/adopt route, there was no vax requirement mentioned at that time, for kids who are already legally yours (thru birth or adoption).

My kids go to Central Florida Pediatrics in Orange City and they are fine with us not vaxing. We sign a waiver on our visits and are not outwardly judged.
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Im in Deltona too! We used sunshine pediatrics in Maitland, once only because the midwife wanted us to take the baby after birth. The 2 the birthcenter recommended was Dr. Rodriguez sunshine pediatrics and Dr.Franz in Orlando for no vax. I have a coworker that uses Dr. Franz and she is very into natural stuff and will actually tell you NOT to vax.

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