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So what signs is anyone working on with their baby?

I have been working on "all done" for a while because he arches and screams in the high chair when he wants out. Last night he looked at me, held both fists out and rotated them. I asked if he was saying he's all done and he smiled. I think he is my earliest signer!
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Cool! I want to do this, but I keep forgetting. Plus, I don't know any signs. I'm thinking I could easily google, though...
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We're working on milk, mama, dad, and the all important dog. smile.gif

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Google, YouTube, library books. Unless you kid is taken care of by a lot of people you can just make something up.

My first picked all his signs up from a toddler I babysat. The kid signed "more" when he wanted to nurse (because his mon would ask, "do you want some more?"). He would stand at the door and sign that he wanted his mom, so I would distract and take the boys outside to play. It wasn't long before O learned that the hand motion meant "outside" and used it when he wanted to go outside. O also never learned the regular milk sign, but he tapped the side of his head while nursing so I started doing that while asking if he wanted to nurse and he started doing that to ask to nurse. He spoke in sentences at 18 months and dropped the signs but they were huge from 10 months until the words came.
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Singing Time!  Great way for the entire family to learn.  These sites are also helpful:






I find that some sites have more or different signs than others and sometimes the signs do not agree.  This is b/c of regional differences.  If 2-3 sites agree on a sign then I figure that's a pretty good indication that it's universally accepted.


My kids generally start picking signs up at the same time they learn their first words.  Not sure why that is, but after that signs seemed to be learned quite easily.  My first two had a couple hundred signs in their vocabulary before they stopped using them.

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We are working on MILK, EAT, MORE.  


I will have to start ALL DONE.  Forgot about the importance of that one :-)

I want to learn BROTHER.  I forget what it is.  Time to dig out our old signing stuff!

My oldest had a handful of signs he would use starting at about 8 months but then he started talking at 9 months and while he would still use them, he became super verbal so it didn't matter to use signs.  I'm sure if he started signing with Dylan, he'd pick it up super fast.  Dylan LOVES his brother!  love.gif


Thanks for starting this thread, Sara.  I was just thinking about starting one!  

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Brother is the sign for boy + stacked fists with index fingers extended.